Feb 16, 2009

A perfect T-shirt for Gabriella

While at the store getting a script filled for Jordan today I ran across this t-shirt and couldn't pass it up! Let's say that daddy didn't quite see the same cuteness in it that mommy did at first but he quickly came around:) When I'm in between my classes for school I'll do a post showing Gabriella's wardrobe so far ~ let's just say her wardrobe is growing just like our desire to be united with her and bring her home.

School is out ~ Sledding is in!

Mother nature decided the boys needed a day off school. That meant going to the sledding hill and having a great time! Nicholas and AJ had a lot of fun sledding and getting some "major air". After their little cheeks were red and their hands were cold we came home and fixed hot chocolate and had more fun inside.

Nicholas won the spelling B

Last week I was at home when I saw the schools phone number pop up on caller ID. My heart always skips a beat when I see their number. To my delight, I heard a very excited Nicholas on the other end telling me that he won the spelling B for his entire class and would be moving onto the school wide spelling B! I was thrilled that his teacher allowed him to call and we couldn't have been more proud of him! Way to go Nicholas!!
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