Sep 28, 2010

Confession Time...

I have to confess...after having several pairs of boys tennis shoes, golf shoes, baseball cleats and lots of high top basketball shoes it was W-A-Y too fun when I was able to shop for Gabriella's first official pair of girly tennis shoes for fall. When Gabriella saw these shoes her eyes lit up, she took her sandals off and immediately wanted to try them on. She was smiling from ear to ear as she said "home mama"? As they fit her perfectly I said yes and she began jumping up and that point we realized her shoes light up everywhere when she walks and runs:) It was a great shopping trip and the best part is I had a Kohl's gift card given to me by a dear friend for graduation so they didn't actually cost me a penny...I love shopping trips like that:)

Homecoming Dance...

It truly doesn't seem like Jordan should be old enough to attend the homecoming dance, however considering he is a junior in high school he is definitely old enough! He and Lacie had a great evening at the dance and we think they looked just adorable together:) Prior to the dance they went tie shopping so Jordan's tie would match her dress ~ they did a great job and ended up having a fun evening with friends:)

Sep 23, 2010

A Princess is in the House!

Having a princess in the house is very different than having all boys:) We are very used to hearing "Mom, Dad come here. I want to show far I can hit the ball, throw the ball, jump, shoot the ball"...I think you get the idea. Today after coming home from work I hear a little voice say "Mama wook" and there was Gabriella all dressed in her dress up clothes ~ wayyy tooo precious!!! To say we LOVE having a daughter puts in mildly:)

Sep 14, 2010

One Post Placement Visit Down....

On Saturday we had our 6 month post placement visit for Gabriella. Six Months!!! I truly can't believe our baby girl has been home that long!! It seems like yesterday that we were arriving back into the Indy airport. During our meeting with Laura, our social worker who has been a true blessing to us and become like part of the family, she stated she felt like she was writing a 12 month post placement visit instead of a 6 month one as Gabriella is doing soooo well....we loved hearing that!

In the last six months we have watched our beautiful little girl blossom like a flower unfolding one peddle at a time. When we brought Gabriella home the only English word she spoke was mama and that's because they used the same word in China. Today Gabriella can clearly say about 99% of anything that she wants and is speaking in 4-6 word sentences. Watching her rock and feed her baby dolls is truly priceless...she is so gentle and comforting with them. She truly melts Daniel and Jordan's hearts. When Daniel comes over for a visit she squeals with excitement and runs into his arms yelling "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel". When Jordan comes home after school he looks at her and says "Where's my princess" with a huge smile on his face ~ Gabriella in turn smiles bashfully then runs to greet him. Nicholas and Gabriella have a very typical brother sister relationship...they know exactly what buttons to press to possibly upset the other however they spend many hours playing and laughing together.

Gabriella loves the princesses...all of them!! She enjoys playing with toys, especially dolls she can dress up:) Now that her hair has grown a little more the big decision in the morning is if she wants pig tails or another hair option...the girl loves pig tails, bows and headbands:) She also enjoys shopping, going for walks, swinging, going down the s-l-i-d-e, playing with friends, eating "chicken and fries" when she goes out to eat. We have a local Chinese restaurant that is the closest thing to authentic Chinese food we have found and when Gabriella walks in they all light up and wait on her like she is a true princess and she loves it~ it's amazing the things they just bring out for her that we haven't ordered nor do they show up on our bill!

We are looking very forward to the holiday season with Gabriella. A simple trip to Hobby Lobby is filled with excitement when she sees the fall decorations and Christmas trees...she is filled with awe and wonder. Curtis described it best when he said it is like having a one year old who hasn't experienced the holidays before yet in a three year old body because she can tell us what she is thinking and feeling...something tells me this may be one of our families most favorite Christmas seasons yet!

Sep 12, 2010

Our Family's Newest Colts Fan!

Gabriella helped to fix her first batch of Rice Krispie treats before the Colts game.

There's a pink Colts jersey in the house!

Cuddling with Jordan during the game.

Gabriella wanted to make sure Bailey was included in the fun...including feeding him a Rice Krispie treat:) During the game she looked quite puzzled when all the testosterone in the house was yelling at the t.v. from time to time ~ she began to clap and squeal when she realized they were happy and just starred at them when they were upset almost as if to's just a game, be happy!!! That's our girl!!!

Sep 5, 2010

Daddy and His Baby Girl...

The last few weeks the bond between Curtis and Gabriella has grown remarkably:) She is making it clear to everyone she knows that Curtis is "my daddy"...and speaking of daddy she is even starting to use the word daddy more than Baba...which is sweet but sort of makes us sad as that little piece of her Chinese heritage is diminishing. To all the moms out there who wonder if their hubby and dad to all boys can become an incredible father to a baby girl, biological or adopted, the answer is yes!! Gabriella continues to amaze us at how perfectly she has blended into our family and made us complete:)

Sep 1, 2010

My Montage 9/1/10 at

Six months ago today, God answered years of prayers and blessed us when Gabriella Grace Hao was placed in our arms. She has brought such joy, fun and excitement to our home and as the boys would say "lots of pink and princess things". God has truly blessed us beyond measure with Gabriella and we want to thank Him and everyone who supported us in answering His calling to bring our baby girl home to her forever family:) Please pause the music at the bottom of our blog to enjoy the music on the montage:)

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