Jan 29, 2011

Are you ready for some...basketball?

Basketball has been Jordan's sport since he could say the word ball at age 1.

Basketball has been Jordan's sport since he could say the word ball at age 1.
When Gabriella's report said that she liked balls Jordan was very excited!

Her brother loves the fact she likes being on a gym floor and playing with a ball...I was thinking more about her being on a gym floor in a cheer leading outfit...time will tell!

If you don't notice a lot of blogging right now...

it's because this is where we are spending a lot of time....

and we wouldn't trade it for the world!

Emme and Gabriella look forward to spending time together at their brothers "ba-ket-all" games, and we can tend to take up 2-3 rows with all the girls toys!

Two of God's sweetest little blessings that both of our families are eternally thankful for!

Jan 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

Jan 1, 2011

A Glimpse at 2010...

Our family looked at this picture a million times... after years of prayers God chose this precious little girl, Sun Wen Hao to be our daughter and the boys baby sister and 2010 was the year she would come home to her family!

March 1, 2010 the day our precious little girl Gabriella Grace Hao was placed in our arms...her world was turned upside down and though our heart broke for hers, we prayed in time, God would allow her broken heart to be stitched together with the love of her family and friends.

Our family and friends had the patience of Job as our flight wasn't just delayed...five times but an entire day! Two days were spent at the airport awaiting the big arrival from China!

Sunday, March 14 is when the boys were able to meet their baby sister they had been praying for...this is the first time they saw her...and she saw them:)

Our first photo as a family of six...yes I was talking during the picture, it felt soooo good to be home!

God answered months of prayers when Emily and Gabriella, two little girls that were raised as sisters in China were reunited here in the USA.

Two mei mei's realizing their life in China was only the beginning, their entire life here in the US will allow the special bond they shared as infants to continue for a life time! We are thrilled to have Emily's family as a part of our family!

Addie Mei and Gabriella at Gabriella's third birthday party...here first here at home:) Addie Mei and her mom have been such a huge support with the adoption process! Thank you!

Emme and Gabriella...two very special little girls, just three weeks apart in age and who share a bond like sisters:) Emme has helped Gabriella with so many first in her new life here at home. We are incredibly thankful that Emme and her family welcome Gabriella into their life and home on the days that I work...watching the bond develop between the girls has been priceless and something we are looking forward to enjoying for many years to come:)

I love this picture...she has baby drool!!

Do you see the joy on Daniel and Gabriella's faces, Gabriella just made her first basket with the help of her big brother!

We had to provide a picture at church for Gabriella's dedication and this is the one we chose:)

Jordan loves his baby sister...as a matter of fact we received her referral in 2009 the day before his 16th birthday...she was his favorite gift for his birthday that year:)

Daniel and Gabriella at the 4th of July party with papa and grandma~ they both had a great time going down the slide:)

Nicholas and Gabriella ~ this dynamic duo is starting to settle into their new places within the family. Nicholas had been the baby for 12 years...that's a long time! Gabriella, it seems, had to secure her spot to receive attention in China and for many months seemed to feel Nicholas was a road block to mom and dad. God granted our Christmas wish that by this time the two would realize we love them both, equally and there doesn't need to be any competition...there is plenty of love to go around:)

Mommy and her baby girl at the adoption celebration:)

Our fall family picture...Gabriella makes us complete and we feel blessed beyond words that God has given us such a special gift with all four of our children:)

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