Aug 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

Aug 27, 2011

A Family Beach Wedding...

Let's just say when our family gets together there is never a dull is the operative word!

And when we are all in Florida together that takes it to a whole new level!!

Gabriella has daddy exactly where she wants him...all to herself!!

This was took princess about two seconds to realize a picture was being taken of papaw and the boys...and it DIDN'T include her....

We joke that the women in our family have some serious control issues....

Let's just say she quickly remedied the situation and she had everything under control....

And boy was she happy with the end she has papaw all to herself!

Yes, daddy has adapted very well to having a little girl...he even paints toe nails!  Gabriella is doing everything she can to stay awake...

Once her pedicure was complete she was ready for a serious nap!

Papa and Grandma before the wedding.  They started this tradition of beach weddings 17 years ago!

Gabriella and soon to be uncle Kevin...that wedding will be brought to you from Chicago in December:)

My brother Clint and Lori right before the wedding!  I love this photo of them:)

The beautiful bride....Tiana!

Our new sister in law, Tiana, our precious new nephew Landon!

Walking down the long isle!

Can you feel the excitement??  Totally loved it!!

Filling the jar of sand, representing the blending of two lives and families into one.

If the big people can play in the sand...sounds great to us we will join right in!

Husband and Wife!

A new family!!

Landon and Gabriella...I believe they have met their match!  Gavin does a wonderful job at keeping them both under control!

I'm not sure how this happens....

when my sweet baby girl is around, and even though I'm supposed to be shooting wedding photos...

I end up taking pictures of her!!  Sorry, it's just that mama love thing!

Two brothers beginning a new journey together:)

And a family who just grew in love, memories and the addition of more family members!  We love you all and are looking forward to many wonderful times together:)

Aug 25, 2011

A Party for a Princess...

As many of you know we were traveling during the month of July and though

 we had a wonderful time, it made this mama a little sad that we couldn't

have our little princesses birthday party until August.  However, when we have

a party we enjoy planning every single detail...and the menu is always fun!

We had miniature strawberry pie tart lets, homemade chicken salad crescents,

 marinated and BBQ chicken kabobs, deviled eggs....

hot dogs, strawberries, grapes, fresh fruit bouquets and baked beans:) 

 We chose foods that Gabriella loved and that is how our menu came about:)

I have to say the fruit bouquets were fun to make however they took a while


 put together...yet the end result was cute:)

Gabriella and Jordan worked together alternating pink and purple plates and

 napkins and were so cute working together:)

Our little princess chose a princess theme which by all means meant a

 raspberry and white princess cake from the best bakery in town!!!

Did you notice the little candles with hearts on the top?  I found these at a

 party store and thought they were just too cute!!

We can't believe she is four already!!!!

She was a little bashful while everyone was singing happy birthday and I just

 love some of her expressions...

Daddy helped her blow out her candles....

We made her birthday list while flying to Florida in the top of her list

 was a pink piggy bank...grandma made sure she received it...thank you


Morgan and Cassidy came to the party too...Gabriella introduced Morgan to

Papaw as her "best est friend"...

The neighbor girls and their families came over to join in as was

wonderful having them here...Gabriella definitely missed Emme and Mei Mei..

Gabriella gave instructions on how to play put the heart on the necklace and...

she even let Nicholas join in on the fun!!!

The party was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time! At future party's

though I need to do a much better job of taking photos of all the people who

came to help us celebrate!

  We had a full house and a wonderful afternoon

 celebrating this beautiful little girl that God chose to bless our family with! 

 Happy fourth birthday Gabriella Grace Hao...we love you to the moon and

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