Sep 24, 2012

Mommy, Tell Me About When Me and The Boys Were Born....

Gabriella and I cherish our girl time together.  I love her giggles, the secrets 

she tells me, how our personalities are so alike, that God knew beyond a 

shadow of a doubt he created us for one another and the list can go on.  What 

I love about her too is how open she is with me.  Maybe its her age and the 

innocence of childhood.  I'm hoping it's just the beginning of a relationship we 

will share for a life time.

Today, as we were driving down the interstate she asked me to tell her about 

when her brothers were born.  We have had this discussion before and she 

loves hearing the stories of how they either cried or were quiet when they 

were born.  I have always told her she was just like Daniel and Nicholas as 

they were both crying when they were placed in my arms and she wasn't any 

different:) I include all four of their birth weights as I always try to include her 

as honestly as I can during birth story time.  I then tell her that when she fell 

asleep out in the van as we were driving back to the hotel I kissed her face, 

her hands, rubbed her hair and held her close and tight...she giggles as when 

she first came to us, and we would kiss her, she would wipe off our kisses 

showing us she was less than happy with us...but she also knows that every 

time she went to sleep I held her, kissed her and loved on she just 

smiles and giggles when I share that story with her.

Today she said "mommy, tell me about the day I was born".  I quickly looked 

back and her face was very serious.  I prayed and I prayed quickly asking God 

to give me the words to say.  I told her what I knew.  I told her that her birth 

mommy loved her so much that after she came out of her tummy she spent a 

few days with her.  She asked why she didn't stay with her like the boys 

stayed with us.  I told her that China has a lot of rules and sometimes birth 

mommies can't keep their babies, but that her birth mommy did EVERYTHING 

she could to make sure you were taken care of and she took you to _________ 

so you would have the best care possible until grandma and grandpa China 

could come pick you up; and they took care of you until China said mommy 

and daddy could come to bring you home.

Gabriella was perfectly content with the answers I gave her ~ thank you Lord 

~ but I was crying the silent tears Gabriella used to cry.  My heart BROKE at 

the thought of her birth mother spending several days with our precious 

daughter then making the decision that she did;  a decision that our family is 

ETERNALLY grateful for yet a decision I don't know that I would honestly be 

strong enough to make.

Sep 17, 2012

Gabriella's First Soccer Game!

It was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L morning for Upwards soccer Saturday and Gabriella 

was very excited to finally be playing in her first soccer game! Due to moving 

Jordan to college and the entire family sharing bronchitis we have been 

moving pretty slow when it comes to soccer this month.

Girl power, planning their attack!

They are all so little and cute!


Taking the ball out...

and kicking it in.

 Heading towards the goal!

Team work!

Playing some serious defense!

All those little feet:)

Time for a little "come to Jesus meeting" with Nicholas as the little one seems 

to have one of her brothers personalities when it comes to sports...

Attitude has improved....

and she scored her FIRST goal!!!!!

Sep 7, 2012

The First Day of Pre-K!!!

Our baby girl began Pre- K today!!  She has grown soooo much in the last year 

it is unbelievable!!!

Gabriella has quickly learned that on the first day of school the boys could 

choose anything for breakfast and I would make it.  As my daughter doesn't 

miss a beat she put her request in the night before telling daddy she wanted 

pancakes...with a smiley face!  Curtis did an  AMAZING job with his breakfast 

assignment from his little princess!

She ate every, single bite!

As she was preparing to leave she found that Rebel had tucked himself in her 

bed.  Not the norm, but it as if he knew the house would be quiet and he 

could settle in for a nice long nap!

She is growing up toooo fast!

It's amazing how Gabriella counts down the days until school begins with 

excitement...a contrast to having boys!

Ohhh when she saw Ms. Kara!!!  Gabriella was beyond excited when she found 

out Ms Kara was moving to the Pre K class and she would be blessed to have 

her again!!  Ms Kara and Gabriella have a VERY special relationship:)

A quick picture with daddy...

and mommy.

And then she saw her....and oh were they HAPPY to see each other!

Gabriella and "M" who are great friends and hadn't seen each other for several 

weeks!  We are so excited to see how Gabriella will grow, learning more about 

God and Jesus, skills, friendships and everything she can during her Pre K 


the long road

Sep 1, 2012

Moving Jordan to College!!!

I remember the day he was born so vividly...born to the opening music of 

sports center 19 years ago.  Today we packed our friends van, as well as 

Jordan's SUV, and moved him to college!!  

I will give you one guess who mad mixed feelings about her big brother 


Curtis was excited to get him moved and settled in yet knowing he is really 

going to miss him!  Curtis was even more excited when we pulled into Jordan's 

new dorm and found there were close to 20 volunteer students who MOVED 

EACH STUDENT in!  Yes, you read that right, like they carried every, single, 

thing that we brought with us up to his room!  Though I have always known 

IWU is a Christ centered university with a mission to serve others and change 

the world, I have to say this left us all speechless! 

I just keep telling myself he's only an hour away and I'm taking him to work 

with me as he is attending the awesome university in which I teach and 

serve; some days that works better than others.

He is stocked with plenty of caffeine as a well as a big screen for the games 

throughout the year!

I'm so thankful she is adaptable to whatever situation we are in!  God 

definitely blessed her with this!

Patrick was so helpful giving us ideas of how to get Jordan's bed, and his 

roommate "T's top bunk,  to fit in one of the two rooms.  Thank you for all 

your help Patrick!

Mission accomplished and Jordan's bed is made and all put just 

can't see it behind them:)

You may be moving to college but I'm not letting you go!

The fridge and the big screen!  Yes, he has all of his books, folders, MAC, etc 


You totally need to notice the salsa on the bottom shelf!  Jordan was born on

cinco de mayo and his favorite food in the entire world is chips and salsa!

We had the wonderful pleasure of meeting "L" last night who is a freshman 

and also attending IWU. Her family had already started their drive home so 

she ran errands with us last night, went to dinner and then was hanging out 

with Jordan when we left.  It made leaving him much easier knowing he was 

spending time with such an incredible friend!!  We know God has amazing 

plans for you this year Jordan and we couldn't be more proud of the young 

man you have become!

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