Oct 26, 2009

A Sneak Peek...

We had just pulled the tape off the first wall after the stripes were completed.

I can honestly say I find painting extremely relaxing and enjoyed every moment of painting Gabriella's room:)

Nicholas is painting the drawers for Gabriella's "make-up" mirror set that we found for a steal at a garage sale...what a great big brother to actually paint something pink for his little sister!

Here is a sneak peek of Gabriella's room. Curtis had asked that we don't show anyone her room until it is 100% complete. I'm sure no one will tell him we just shared a couple of pictures when we were in the early stages of decorating...there will be more pictures soon to follow as her room is getting closer to being completed.

Oct 23, 2009

Remembering Simba

Simba, our beloved kitty of 15 years went to heaven today. Everyone has their opinions on if animals go to heaven however for this moment in time we believe a cat as special as Simba is. Everyone who knew Simba couldn't believe how happy he was all of the time ~ he truly purred more than any cat we have known. Simba was also a very caring cat. When anyone was sick or upset he knew and he was always there ~ watching over who ever needed some extra TLC at the time:) Simba was hand raised from the time he was two weeks old and a true sweetheart. We gave Simba to Jordan for his 2nd birthday. Jordan promptly picked Simba up, looked at him, then put him in the net of his Little Tyk*s basketball goal that he had just been given. Simba quickly formed a bond with Jordan and every night for 15 years would find Jordan when it was time for bed and go to tuck him in for the night. I have to say he was also the best "study buddy" anyone could ask for! When I began nursing school for my ASN he would sit right next me for hours at a time ~ this continued years later for my BSN and even now during my MSN ~ this cat has definitely earned an honory degree in nursing! While we know he is no longer in pain saying goodbye is never easy. We will always love you and miss you Simba.

Oct 15, 2009

One month waiting for our LOA...

We have now been waiting for our LOA for one month. I have been following many families who are adopting right now and watching their LOA times as well. One family just received their LOA in 39 days ~ we are thrilled for them! On the long side we know of a family who waited 115 days while many families seem to be falling into the 50 -60 day time frame. Jordan is totally convinced that Gabriella is eating cantaloupe in this picture and loves it as much as he does ~ I don't believe it's cantaloupe yet I'm not sure what it is. We love this picture of Gabriella and think it's great that her foster mom is even doing her hair:) I hope she is a patient little girl as this mama has only done the boys hair for the last 18 years ~ it may take a little time to get the hair thing down ~ I think we will start with simple things like bows that clip in and move up from there:) Curtis and the boys think it will be easy to take care of Gabriella's hair ~ they think we should purchase a couple pink or purple baseball caps and that should take care of it ~ boys!!! We're praying we receive our LOA by Thanksgiving ~ we know it's all in God's time however we are ready to have our baby girl home with her family:)

Oct 7, 2009


Jerra and I have been friends for a very long time! We met in elementary school and though we only lived in the same town for two years we have remained great friends! During the two years we lived in the same town Jerra's parents lived in the cemetery. Jerra's dad was the pastor of a local Pentecostal church and was also the grounds keeper at the cemetery. Though we were/are both Christian girls we decided that once we went to heaven there wouldn't be a line for the Baptist girls and the Pentecostal girls so, we did what any normal pre-teens would do, we pushed the limits in some areas. When Jerra would come to my house I would pull out a pair of blue jeans for her to wear. We also put makeup on and one day we even trimmed her hair a little. Jerra's parents were fully aware of what would go on when we had our get togethers and would always say "you girls". I always remember Jerra's parents as being so welcoming and inviting. We would have sleep-overs at their house along with pizza parties. During the fall we would take flashlights with us and run through the cemetery. Mary, Jerra's mom would always be close behind keeping an eye on us ~ the things we thought we "heard" in a cemetery at night around Halloween was funny ~ leaves would rustle and we would jump, scream and run more!

When it came to our weddings Jerra was the maid of honor in my wedding and I was the maid of honor in Jerra's wedding. Before Jerra's wedding in PA her parents took us on a wonderful boat ride around a beautiful lake. That evening we had dinner on the lake too ~ it was a night we will always remember:)

Jerra's dad, Jerry was a dynamic man. When he preached there wasn't a doubt that God was in the room. Though he was a very tall man he had such a gentleness about him. He always had such a hearty laugh as well. On October 1 Jerry, who I also called dad in my younger days went to be with Jesus in heaven. Yesterday we all celebrated his life here on earth. Though there were a lot of tears yesterday, one thing that will always stand out is what Mary said as we were hugging each other "we were married 48 years and it just wasn't long enough". Living in a world where 50% of the population is getting divorced it was so refreshing hearing those words and they are words I will always remember.

Mary will be moving back to IN in the next couple of months to be closer to her family. It will be sad for her leaving all the memories in PA however she will be closer to her IN family and friends. Jerra and I will also be able to see each other more often as well as when she flies in from FL to see her mom we can pick her up from the airport and spend some girl time together; as it has been ten years since we last saw each other this is something we are both looking forward to:)
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