Dec 17, 2012

Making Gingerbread Houses with China Playgroup!

I could list a zillion reasons that I'm so happy we moved home and towards 

the top of the list would be the wonderful friends and families we have met 

through Panda Pals, the China adoption playgroup, that "adopted" us into 

their group when we returned home!  

We get together at least four to six times a year and look forward to it each 

and every time!

One of our favorite annual activities that we look forward to is when we go to 

a local baking store and decorate gingerbread houses!

Gabriella was really wanting to master putting the icing on this year!

My proud little princess!  She worked over and hour to complete her house and 

did a great job!

Spending so much time and energy on her gingerbread house led to quite a 

hungry little girl!  We went out with our "panda pals" for a wonderful Chinese 

meal where my baby girl ate 16, yes 16 pot stickers or fried dumplings, a bowl 

of egg drop soup, half a portion of edamame and half a bowl of sticky rice...oh 

and let's not forget the two cups of hot tea and a little of my combination 

fried rice.  I'm thinking she was more than ready for some authentic Chinese 

cooking of which she enjoyed every, single bite of!

Dec 16, 2012

Pajama Party...Girls Night Out!

Gabriella was invited over to Meredith's house for an amazing girls night out!  

The girls wore their jammies, had their blankets and had a wonderful time 

eating popcorn and watching a movie!

Meredith and Gabriella met in pre-school, attend the same church and I 

believe will be life long friends!  We love Meredith and her family and her 

mom is  such a blessing in my life as I adjust to having a little girl and begin 

life again, as a pre-school mom!! Thank you for such a wonderful and 

memorable night with the girls!!

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