Sep 24, 2011

Fall Festival...

Gabriella was very excited to take her first hay ride that was pulled by


A family left their farm to the city as a dream for others to enjoy after they

were gone.  What our city has done with it is simply amazing!!

Gabriella and I were both fascinated with horses! 

The horses were nice but someone was BEYOND excited to go see the MOOOO


When the cow moved close enough for Gabriella to pet it she could hardly

 contain herself...this girl loved the cow!!

As the cow walked away it began to moooooo...and someone thought this was

very funny!!

Love this picture of my girl!!!

An old fashioned tractor from way back....

The search for the pumpkin began...

and for some reason she felt she needed a gourd too!

While driving home Friday afternoon after teaching at the hospital I saw two

beautiful horses pulling a red wagon full of people down a huge country side

hill. I truly didn't know what was going on but I knew I wanted to find out. 

Signs said that a farm was having their fall festival.  Today I asked Curtis if

he would like to go check it out with me and he, Nicholas, Gabriella and I all

went.  When we pulled in we expected to have to pay for parking, pay for hay

rides etc, well, come to find out the entire event was free!  The previous

owners of the farm restored the farm so people can come and enjoy what farm

life used to be like and enjoy different activities through out the year! 

Sep 22, 2011

Favorite Friday Photo...a Little Early

Gabriella was totally in the mood to have her picture taken today and I of

course loved every moment of  it!!!  I love her eyes in this photo:)

  I have an early morning tomorrow so I'm posting my Friday favorite a little


 Hope everyone has a

 great weekend!!!

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Sep 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

Sep 20, 2011

A Surprise Party for Jordan!!!

When Jordan turned 18 in May life was beyond a little busy!!  We had just

moved home and we were all going in what felt like a million different

directions.  We took Jordan out for dinner and gave a him gifts

however we didn't really celebrate his 18th birthday like this mama wanted

 to.  Soooo, this past weekend we had a surprise birthday party for him and

 had a wonderful time!!!  Jake and Nicholas were wonderful in

keeping Jordan occupied on the golf course while we went into action at home

preparing for his party!  We prepared taco meats and all the fixings for

 nachos, tacos, chips, salsa and yummy white queso dip!  We

added drinks and Jordan's favorite raspberry cake from Halls and had a perfect

Sunday afternoon celebration!

Sep 14, 2011

Black and White Wednesday...Her First Teacher's Note

Gabriella is absolutely LOVING preschool!  The first note home from her

teachers stated "Gabriella seemed

to love her first day of preschool.  She smiled all day while trying all of the

stations.  She likes painting a lot!

She is an excellent listener and talked to the teachers and students often". 

Sep 9, 2011

Favorite Friday Photo...

I'm not sure if I love the photo more or the memories of the photo shoot.  I'm going to do a post in the near

 future of "Bloopers" and this particular photo op had several photos that I will include; this however was a

cute one of the family:)  Daniel had a beard for a while and everyone he saw asked him where his horse and

buggy were parked as they felt he looked Amish...poor kiddo!

the long road

Sep 8, 2011

Gabriella's First Day of Preschool!!

The night before preschool she chose the perfect outfit, including the shoes!

The Dora backpack was packed with her family picture for show and tell...

Lovin the confident smile and her hair blowing in the breeze...

She was certain she wanted daddy to join us on her first morning of preschool!

And mommy wouldn't miss it for the world!!

I was soooo proud of our baby girl!!

She had an incredible first day at preschool and enjoyed every bit of it!  We love it that she is attending the same preschool that Nicholas did as it is an incredible school!!!  Her teachers are very nice and it is very obvious they love what they do; which makes it much easier to leave our precious baby girl in their experienced and loving hands!

Sep 4, 2011

She Did It!!!

It's taken over a year to get to this point...

Gabriella had absolutely NO desire to get her hair trimmed...

then, she realized maybe this wasn't so bad!

Natalie has done my hair for years and was so very, very patient with our baby girl!!

and by the time she was finished

we had one very happy, happy little girl!!

Thank you sooooo much Natalie for giving Gabriella her first official hair cut!  She has been telling everyone about you and that "it didn't hurt....I sooooo happy"!!!
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