Feb 26, 2012

One Moment in Time...Senior Night Part II

Friday, February 24 was senior night for Homestead boys basketball team...and

Jordan was given one more moment in time by the best high school coaches and

 team-mates anyone could ask for!

As we transferred back into the school district our boys originally attended prior

to moving to central IN seven years ago, Jordan didn't make the final cut for the

high school team.

However his two coaches saw something in Jordan they didn't want to let go of

and they made him an offer.

If Jordan would be a practice player for them, come to every practice, work out,

be a part of the team and also serve as manager during the games, the coach

offered to letter him at the end of the year.

It was tough, not making the team for the first time in his life and it being his

senior year of high school...but he knew that he was being given an opportunity

that no other Homestead player had ever been offered. 

We talked, we prayed and we had Mexican Jordan's favorite meal!  The next

morning Jordan announced to the assistant coach in weight lifting class that he

hadn't seen the last of him...his coach smiled from ear to ear and was ecstatic! 

Jordan accepted and was a member of the Homestead High School basketball


As it was senior night posters were put together for the boys that included two

pictures of them as well as a pennant for where they would be attending college. 

Jordan will be going to Indiana Wesleyan University...an awesome Christian

university where he will major in physical education and minor in youth

ministries.  His mom also happens to be a nursing professor there so she is very

excited her baby will be on campus where she is serving:)

Zach and Jordan began kindergarten together thirteen years ago.  The boys went

to school and played sports together and spent several years in elementary

school playing ball at recess as well as on elementary leagues together.  Zach

will be attending Western Michigan University and if football happens to be your

sport of choice, you may know he has signed as their newest quarterback:)

It's very special to both our families that the boys have been reunited their senior


Jordan and the head coach had a heart to heart talk earlier in the week.

Jordan told them that he totally understood when the coaches were talking to the

team about how awesome it would be to be able to put that jersey on and play

just one more time.

The coaches talked.  The athletic director checked the IHSSA regulations.  The

team talked.  Thursday night at the first water break all the coaches and the

athletic director came together and asked Jordan if he would like to dress on

senior night; playing time was not guaranteed but they wanted him in a

Homestead uniform and to be out on the court with the team during warm ups

and to be a part of senior night; they told him he is one heck of a ball player and

 he has earned it! 

Jordan led one of the team lines out to begin warm ups.

And to say he loved it...

was an understatement!!

He enjoyed every single minute:)

And, his shots were looking really,

really good!

During the national anthem he stood next to Kyle G...it wouldn't surprise me if

this guy is best man in Jordan's wedding as they have hit it off unbelievably!!!

It was the very beginning of a good, good night!

The starting line up was introduced

and you could just feel the enthusiasm in the gym that night!

Papa and Grandma were there and didn't want to miss Jordan's special night! 

 Gabriella was very excited to have her own Papa and Grandma at the basketball

 game as she watches several other little ones sitting on their grandparents laps

 and spending time with them during the basketball games:)  She went back and

forth between the two all evening!

The game was great and at times was very close.

I can't put into words how thankful I am that Jordan has had the opportunity to

play on a basketball team, where players respect one another, lift each other up,

hold one another accountable for their actions and respect one another.  He didn't

have that for several years at his old school and if I could replace those years for

him I would do it in a heartbeat!

However he has grown, we have grown as a family and we know that adversity,

 even in it's worst form, can make the strong even stronger.  Jordan's faith has

grown even stronger and the bullying he had to endure at his last school is in the

past...but we know Jordan and he will be using it to help encourage other kids

who may be or have encountered the same thing.

During the last minute of the game Coach J looked at Jordan and said "Are you

ready"?  Jordan said "really, YES"!!!  As Jordan walked to the scorers bench to go

into the game his favorite song, I Gotta a Feeling began playing over head.  Rick

and Scott, two of the best middle school school and AAU coaches we have ever

met used to play this song during Jordan's middle school days on the basketball

team...the only way the moment could have been anymore perfect is if they were


Zach was giving Jordan the heads up as to what the play was going to be.

They were getting ready...


and the game began again.

Later Jordan took the ball out.

And with 4.6 seconds to go Jordan was passed the ball,

and threw up a shot at the three point line!

And it WENT IN!!!!  If you have ever seen the movie Rudy it was exactly like

that!!!  You would have thought it was the game winning shot!  The student body

was yelling with excitement, Jordan's teammates were beyond thrilled and Zach

was the first one to give him a hug and a HUGE congratulations! 

The parents came down  surrounding and hugging Curtis and I.  There were

squeals of excitement, tears of joy and lots and lots of hugs! I can't begin to tell

you how good it feels to be HOME and surrounded by wonderful families who

support the entire team and celebrate the small and big accomplishments of each


Gabriella has a special realtionship with many of Jordan's team-mates and Kyle G

is one of her favorites; she gives Kyle a hug after every, single, game:)

Grandma was very excited!

Kate, a very special friend of Jordan's, was very excited about how the night went


Papa also played basketball in high school and realized how special the evening


Jordan and Zach's little brother Trevor after the game. 

Jordan's youth pastor came to the game that night as well! He is one awesome


Nick and Jordan after the game.  Nick is Homesteads starting point guard and as

Jordan was a practice player and his natural position is point guard Nick and

Jordan always played against each other in practice; he is one great kid!!!

Some pictures don't need words...

just kleenexes!

So very happy to see my baby's dreams come true!!

Nicholas ran down on the floor as soon as the game was over and was in his

 brothers arms hugging him...and wearing his warm-up shirt!!

Jordan and Kyle T have also become awesome friends this year!! Kyles mom and

Gabbie have developed quite a bond!!

The big bros with their little bros!!

Jordan and Zach after the game!  Zach is one incredible leader whether its in

football or basketball!  He and Jordan both put God first in their life and it is very

obvious!  The boys have chosen to spend their senior year spring break serving on

our church's mission trip to Haiti with 38 others!  We couldn't be more proud of


Words cannot express how wonderful it's been for Jordan to be coached and be

part of a team that is led by coaches with integrity on and off the court, and

where he holds his players to the same high standards he expects of himself.  If

there is an issue he isn't afraid to address it ...maybe that is why his team has a

20-2 record going into sectionals because they are led by one awesome

basketball coach!!!

Coach A and Jordan have a special relationship...it started in weight lifting and

 carried over to the basketball court.  It wouldn't surpise me if their paths happen

to cross again in the future.  He is a man of great character, a true leader and

has one of the sweetest wives and two of the cutest little girls!!  Thank you

Coach A for allowing this to be such a memorable season!!! 

There happens to very special young woman named Kate who lets say she and

Jordan are great friends!  She is a cheerleader and attends our church and will

also be going on the Haiti mission trip.  No official dating is allowed until after

the mission trip however it wouldn't surprise me if you happen to seem prom

pictures of these two in a few months:) 

Jordan's senior night was a reaffirmation that God is truly in control and that yes,

dreams CAN come true!

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