Oct 29, 2012

A Spooktacular Visit at the Zoo!!

Hannah and Gabriella were beyond excited about going to the children's zoo 

for their special trick or treat they have every year.

The girls were off and running!

They had haunted trails...for pre-schoolers,

and corn mazes.

They were able to visit with the "not so nice" witch...

and the very nice witch:)

The kids were given gifts, candy or cookies at each station.

As we approached the pony rides the kids were all excited!  Hannah was such 

a big girl riding her pony!  Nicholas walked beside her the entire way as her 

mama had to work and help people feel better today!  We missed her a lot 

but we were able to text throughout the day:)

Hudson was very serious about riding his pony!

Gabriella has wanted to ride a horse the entire summer and today was the 


Pure joy, squeals and excitement is what was going on during these photos!

Waving to dad and Nicholas...

even giving the princess wave!

Oh yes!!! I did!!  I got to love on and kiss those sweet cheeks of Hudson!  He 

is just precious!

Gabriella loved the sea lions!

I think if she could have gotten in and swam with them she would have!

Hannah and Gabriella checking them out:)

The peacocks seemed to appear all over the zoo and were a big hit with the 


After a couple hours of walking and the cool temps we were all ready for a 

bite to eat!  The guys were awesome and reserved us a table by the fireplace 

at Nakid Chopsticks!  It was a wonderful ending to a great day!!  

Oct 26, 2012

Dad's Day at Preschool!!!

As father's day is in June our preschool like to celebrate a special day with 

dads in October.  

I honestly don't know who was more excited about their day together....Curtis 

or Gabriella!

Curtis opted not to take the camera with him but they both shared all about 

their morning with equal excitement!

There was singing, playing, giving gifts, yummy treats and spending special 

time together!  Pastor's Stan and Zach led them in singing and this was very 

special to everyone there.  Pastor Stan had a brain tumor two years ago and 

and after treatments and lots of prayer he was 100% healed...until just a 

couple of months ago and another tumor has appeared.  Pastor Stan's medical 

outlook is difficult, but his spiritual outlook and love of life is amazing!!!!

the long road

Oct 13, 2012

A Fall Day at the Pumpkin Patch!

We had the most beautiful drive through the "rolling" hills of Indiana to the 

Fashion Farm to find the perfect pumpkin!

Within the farm they have an area called "Pumpkin Fantasyland" that was 

adorable!  It began with video games from our past and though I wasn't a 

"gamer" I LOVED playing the game Centipede!!!

Snoopy welcomed us when we entered as well.

Later we could have a history lesson as ALL of the presidents each had their 

own individual pumpkins carved to resemble each one!  They also were taking 

early votes for the upcoming election as well!

Pac Man was the next area; we kept saying "wanka, wanka, wanka" in this 


Gabriella was very happy to see Team Umizoomi...

and insisted on having her picture taken with them:)

She LOVES her pink cowboy boots that Aunti Jen gave her!  She would wear 

them everyday if I would let her:)

When Nicholas saw Club Penguin he loved it!!  I can't tell you how many hours 

he spent building and furnishing his cyber penguins house when he was 


Later we found Tiger with his golf clubs!

Nick loves this area as well!

As Jordan was not with us Gabbie wanted to make sure he saw the basketball 

pumpkin as well:)

As Gabriella and Nicholas both went in for their physicals this week it was 

perfect as they were measured again!

He is officially taller than his brothers and almost to the 6' mark!!  I believe 

he will be the tallest in the family without a doubt!

I thought of some of my former nursing students when I saw Angry Birds as 

they loved to play this game...not during class of course, just when they were 

finished with their test etc:)

THEN, we saw BOOTS!!  Gabriella really likes Boots!!

And "Doria" as Gabbie calls her was near by as well!

Nicholas was super sweet and took Gabriella on a hayride while Curtis and I 

loaded the pumpkins up!

Mama and her lil' pumpkin:)

I would have never thought after 25 years of marriage we would have four of 

the most amazing kiddos in the world!  

We found the Great Pumpkin, which I forgot to take a picture of, and had a 

wonderful afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch!

the long road

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