Jul 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am extremely thankful for our beautiful baby girl, Gabriella Grace and her foster parents in China who are taking such good care of her. I'm am also thankful and in complete amazement of what God can do. Our baby girl, located half way around the world, and in foster care also has an adorable little girl who is also in foster care with her. The little girls name is Emily. Through an email group for parents who are adopting children from this province a post showed up asking if anyone had sent gifts to a little girl in China ~ the parents had photos they would like to share that had their daughter in them as well. They felt the little girl was "2-3 years old and very pretty". Well, as a proud mama I thought that could be my baby girl so I emailed this wonderful family. They in turn emailed me the pictures and sure enough it was our Gabriella Grace!! I am simply amazed that God can have two beautiful little Chinese girls in a foster home half way around the world and that their parents can unite and only live two states away from each other!! Emily's mom and I have been emailing regularly and are looking forward to reuniting our girls here in the US. God is sooooo very good!!!

Jul 23, 2009

Our beautiful birthday girl!!!

Our beautiful baby girl turns 2!

This morning I awoke to an update about Gabriella and not one, not two, but seventeen pictures as well!!!! I'm sure you are all just melting like we did when we saw new pictures of our little princess!!!

Along with pictures we also learned some new information about our little sweetheart.

Favorite foods ~ meat, rice and eggs

Favorite color ~ she loves bright colors, especially red (Grandpa and Aunt Tammi's favorite color)

She still takes three bottles a day and sometimes one at midnight ~ Mommy and Daddy are thrilled to hear this and can't wait to cuddle and give her a bottle!

This is a big one ~ she tells an adult when she has to go to the bathroom ~ God is good!!!!

Her favorite things to play with ~ stuffed animals and toy cars, we still have all of Nicholas cars, it looks like he will be sharing! We will also introduce her to baby dolls:)

She wakes at 5, naps at 11, and goes to be around 8.

For breakfast she eats noodles, eggs and soup. Lunch is rice and meat. Dinner is congee, steamed buns and pancakes!

She is a light sleeper ~ just like her oldest brother Daniel.

Personality ~ she is fairly extroverted ~ not shy, she will fit right in!!

She has been healthy and is doing very well!!!

We are thrilled that we received an update this week on our precious baby girl. Lady Bugs & Love provided the information and they are WONDERFUL!! We highly recommend them if you are adopting and want to send a little something to special to your little one!!!

Jul 15, 2009

I 800 Approval!!!

On July 10 our precious baby girl turned 2 in China. This is the same day we drew her name in the sand on our vacation to Myrtle Beach. God also had one other thing in store for this very special day as well ~ we were approved for our I 800!!! We will now get it authenticated and this is our last piece of paper work we need for our dossier for China!!!!

Jul 11, 2009

Treasured Memories...

We would take this group of kiddos anywhere in the world ~ they were a true delight to spend an entire week with!!

They are just precious!

Jordan practicing having a little sister with Hadley, thanks Hadley!

We can't wait until next year when Gabriella will be in our Myrtle Beach picture:)

Hadley and Nicholas putting the finishing touches on a sandcastle:)

We definitely enjoyed some R & R!

Do you think Nicholas had a good vacation?

Jamie & Jordan...three more years until your senior trip:)

Friends forever!

We've been telling Jordan he needs to gain some weight ~ now maybe he will listen, thanks Taylor!

The beautiful girls!

The handsome boys...but missing Brady!

Browning & Amy ~ a true delight to spend a week with you and your family:)

We had a wonderful time!!!

Mark & Lora ~ thanks for planning such an incredible vacation, we'll treasure the memories and our friendship forever:)

A trip to Myrtle Beach $. Time away from work $ The wonderful time we had and the memories we will always treasure....


Jul 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Gabriella

Today Gabriella turned 2 in China. We so wish she were here with us to celebrate this special day! Thank you to everyone who sent special birthday wishes to us for her ~ that was very sweet of you!! We were able to send a birthday cake to her and our agency was soooo sweet to give us her address this week and as soon as we arrive home we will be sending her a birthday package over as well...Mommy has definitely been doing some shopping and has a few special things go send over to her:) Happy birthday baby girl ~ we love you!

Jul 8, 2009

Greetings from Myrtle Beach...

To say that Nicholas loves the ocean is an understatement:)

Daniel is having a great senior trip!!

YMCA anyone? All these teenagers are part of our group of 21 that has come to celebrate together...do you think they are having fun?

Did I mention Nicholas likes the ocean?

Mom and Dad are having a wonderful time as well:)

Nicholas of all places..in the ocean:)

Jordan is having a wonderful time on vacation:)

Nicholas and Brady riding the waves and having fun in the sun:)

Football anyone?

Nicholas hanging out with all the girls on our vacation trip. They had just finished riding the different rides on the boardwalk...his brothers wouldn't go with him but he will tell you he had a great time with the girls:)

Did we say anything about how much Nicholas was enjoying the ocean?

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