Jan 9, 2013

" The Bigs"

Though I still haven't posted about Christmas, one thing that was sooooo 

special to me was that both my "big boys" were home and that we were ALL

 together, under one roof, for Christmas!  I've always known that the truly 

special "things" in life, aren't things, but the special time and 

memories that we share together.  I can honestly say this past 

Christmas was one of my absolute favorites as it was relaxed, enjoyable, 

filled with precious memories and ohhhh the laughter and joy! Thank you 

Daniel and Jordan for making it such a memorable and joyous Christmas!

the long road

Jan 4, 2013


After very mild temps in Indiana, especially for the month of December, it 

finally happened!  


Our little snow bunny couldn't have been happier!

She was all bundled up and MORE than ready to go outside and play!  Bailey 

and Lucy, our grand-puppy were also excited to play!

We "built" her first snow GIRL as Gabriella would tell you:)  The snow wouldn't 

pack well but we were able to build it up enough to make it look like a 


She was very proud!

Then, it was time to make snow angels!

Absolute and utter...


 She loved every minute of playing in the snow!!! Afterwards we went inside 

and enjoyed cozy mugs of hot chocolate piled high with whip 


We pray that 2013 will be a year filled with JOY for you and your family!!!!

the long road

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