Jun 29, 2012

Besties at VBS!!

This week is VBS at our church and I can't even begin  to tell you how much 

fun Gabriella is having!!!  The first day she attended then came home and 


One of the most exciting things to her was the fact that a few of her 

pre-school friends were there as well!!  We all know how much she LOVES her 

friends and when "M" was there...oh my goodness she was shrieking 

with happiness!  "M"'s mom takes pictures for our church and she was kind 

enough to send me this one of the girls!  Thank you so much!  We're praying 

these two will end up in the same pre-school class next fall...currently 

Gabriella is in the afternoon class and we're hoping that there will be an 

opening for the morning class so she can join many of her friends that 

she met this past year!  

Jun 28, 2012

Two Scoops of Cuteness...Redirect


Feel free to visit here to read about our special girls night out with Hannah, 

her mommy, Gabriella and I!  I totally agree that it's Two Scoops of 


Jun 25, 2012

Jordan's Graduation Open House!!

It seems like just yesterday we were registering Jordan for kindergarten and 

he was asking me what box we should check in regard to his ethnicity because 

"my skin is brown mommy, they don't have a brown box".  I giggled and 

giggled over that as Jordan tans very easily and he obviously realized it even 

at the age of six!

Speaking of tanning, these two always enjoy competing to see who is darker 

by the end of the summer!  I will give you one guess who wins this contest!

Jordan chose the menu and we had a spread of food!  Daniel flew into Indy 

and picked up Hoffa's smoked pork and chicken BBQ per Jordan's request on 

his way up.  It was delicious!!!!

Jordan chose a cake representing where he graduated from, Homestead and 

their colors of blue and gold.  He also chose where is next chapter will begin, 

at Indiana Wesleyan University, and their colors as well.  The cross and the 

basketball represent the two things in his life he has been most passionate 


He displayed all of his jerseys over the years, pictures, awards, medals etc.  

Yep, we have sure spent lots of hours inside gyms over the past 15 years and 

I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Jordan and Lora! Part of our extended family:)

Senior year memories:)

Gabriella with Mrs. T!  Gabbie couldn't wait to give Mrs. T hugs at every 

basketball game and any time we see her out:)

Jordan and Zach.  I remember seeing these two play ball together at recess in 

first grade and beyond, on several teams together in elementary school, 

attending the same youth groups at our church and then spending their senior 

year together!  Love these guys!!

Soooooo glad Mandy, Cheryl, Kenzie and Dillion could make it to the party!!!  

They have had a lot go on and we are thankful we were able to spend some 

time together!

This is Dillion, my great nephew!  Yep, go ahead and ooh and ahhhh as I'm 

sure he totally captures your heart like he does mine!!

I could not get enough of this little guy yesterday!!  I really think he and I 

should spend some time together with a camera!!!  He is just as precious as 

he looks!!!

Gabriella with Kenzie, Dillon's sister! 

You will see more of these two in a bit:)

Mr T with the boys!!

Papaw and Jordan!!  These two both shared the same passion of basketball 

during their high school career!

Kevin my newest BIL and Clint my brother playing corn hole.

Gavin our nephew and Denny my other brother playing as well!  Please ignore 

the yellow grass as they have put a watering ban in place due to our lack of 


Kenzie and Gabriella aka as Tinkerbell and the Princess Ladybug! 

Kyle, Jordan and Kyle!  These three spent A LOT of time together during 

basketball and let's say other adventures as well!!

Couldn't be more proud of my baby!!!

If you can see the red tubular item at the front of the table this was Jordan's 

kindergarten time capsule.  I honestly didn't know that he had saved it!  We 

opened it up and were amazed at how many things have stayed the same 

over 12 years!  His favorite thing to do at recess, play basketball.  Out of 

three friends he listed in kindergarten he ended up graduating with one of 

them.  His favorite book, Michael Jordan.  His favorite class at school, physical 

education, which is his major in college!  What he wants to do when he grows 

up, play basketball...he wants to be a physical education teacher, coach 

basketball and be a youth pastor!  I don't have a doubt God has had a plan for 

his life all along!!

Very excited for his future!!

Jake and Jordan!!!  These two were also in school together several years ago!! 

We love this family!!!

Daniel made two trips home from North Carolina in two weeks to be here for 

Jordan's graduation and open house!!  What an awesome big brother!!  He is 

also the newest fire fighter in North Carolina!!  Sooo proud of him!!!

It's was an awesome day that we will always remember!  Thank you to 

everyone who came and made Jordan's graduation open house so very special 

and memorable!  We love you all:)

Jun 20, 2012

A Weekend of Blessings!!

Have you ever had a moment when you knew you were exactly where God 

wanted you to be?   That is how we felt this weekend when we were 

blessed to be invited to attend Lisa and Keira's baptism!

Chris and I have been life long friends since we were four...like Gabriella's 

age!  We have shared a lot over the years and we have several things in 

common.  One of the best things we have shared is our faith in Christ.

When I received an email from him one afternoon sharing with me that Kiera 

and possibly Lisa were going to be baptized I was ECSTATIC!!  When he then 

invited us to attend their baptism in St. Louis, I knew there wasn't anywhere 

else I would rather be!

Watching Lisa and Keira walk into the pond for the baptism brought tears to

 my eyes!  Knowing they were entering Christ family was an answered prayer!

The smile on Chris' face is priceless!

Some photos don't need words...

and the joy that is expressed in this is an example of why:)

Soooooo blessed to be with these two VERY special ladies as they were 

adopted into Christ family! 

I smile every time I think about the fact that our family will be spending 

eternity with their family and our Heavenly Father!! 

Jun 8, 2012

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might....

We feel so blessed to have some of the best neighbors in the world where we 

live!  Tuesday evening the boys were playing baseball in the culdesac, the 

little girls were playing, dad's were talking and showing each other their 

latest projects and the big girls were catching up on things.  Around 10:00 

when we were all getting ready to go inside Gabriella ran up to me and said 

"Mommy, look at the star, we need to make a wish on it".  So we said "I wish 

I may I wish I might wish upon this star tonight".  I then asked her if she was 

going to tell me what her wish was....

She said "I wish that Gabbie and mommy can make a strawberry pie".  I 

giggled and giggled!  I love the simplicity of her wish and the fact that it 

included spending time together.  Needless to say Wednesday led us to the 

store to purchase the ingredients to make a strawberry pie. We enjoyed 

spending time together and making one of her favorite desserts!

the long road

Jun 1, 2012

Life Just Became A Little Sweeter....We're Going to See Mei Mei Emily!!

We are doing the happy dance at our house as we just found out we are going 

to see Mei Mei Emily and her family in August!!!

Gabriella has been smiling from ear to ear since she found out!

She has been giggling and saying "I'm going to kiss Mei Mei when I see her"!!!

"I also want to hold her hand"!!  I don't have a doubt the girls will be hand in 

hand when they see each other as that is how they have spent the majority of 

their time when they are together!!!  We can't wait to spend time with Mei 

Mei's family as they have truly become part of our family!  

the long road

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