Mar 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Mar 22, 2010

Our first week home with our little princess!

I love being outside!

Out to breakfast to celebrate my great-grandmas 96th birthday! I wanted Nicholas to hold me:)

Mama, if we walk down this way Gymbore* is right there!

I wanted to have breakfast with my mei-mei Emily:)

Please, can I have just one more sucker?

Nicholas pushed me during our very first walk at home this weekend...he did a great job and is an awesome big brother!

I love the porch swing on Papaw and Grandma's back porch:)

I'm starting to get sleepy!

I loved Uncle Tony and Aunt Cheryl coming over and when Uncle Tony and I were playing football I laughed so hard I couldn't even stand up!!
Gabriella's giggles, smiles and laughing are priceless!! We are learning so many things about this precious little girl that reflect she is truly her mommy's daughter:) When we offered her milk/formula out of a plastic sippy cup she won't drink it however if you give her straight milk in a glass she will drink the entire glass in record time! She also enjoys crunching her suckers as soon as she gets them to her mouth ~ she nor her mommy will ever know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop:)
Gabriella's first week at home has been amazing! We arrived home on Sunday night and she was sleeping through the night by Wednesday:) She LOVES her brothers and watching her relationship unfold with them is priceless! The boys are ever so patient with her as she tends to "hoard" everything ~ toys, food, their snacks etc. and they are doing a great job encouraging her to share...each day it is getting a little bit better:) The mourning she has for her foster grandparents is decreasing and for that we are thankful. My heart breaks knowing how much she misses them from time to time and though I know we can't ever replace the family she loved and grew up with during her first two years, yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is with her forever family that God has chosen for her. Gabriella continues to share a little bit more of her amazing personality with us each and everyday and she is such a perfect fit with our family; she is also learning several English words and enjoys seeing the expression on our faces when she says them for the very first time:) As we reflect back to three weeks ago today when we first became a family we are in awe of what a wonderful gift God has given to us!

Mar 21, 2010

Our first three days home with Gabriella

A very over-whelmed little girl who just met a lot of her family at the airport.

Making friends with Bailey at 3:30 a.m. her first night home.

Making friends with Nemo too...she calls him "Moe" and we love it:)

My first day home and I'm lovin Jordan!!

Nicholas was my first big brother who I asked to hold me!! He felt very special:)

Playing hide and seek with my brothers:)

I even look cute with chocolate syrup from my sundae on my P.J.s

Daniel and I are doing great too:)

Day two ~ Addie Mei, also adopted from China, and her mom came over to visit and play. We're lovin the smiles!!

Day three ~ we were feelin' the jet lag today so we decided it was stay in your PJ's day:)
Curtis described it best when he said that Gabriella is like a flower opening up a little more each and every day:) She is absolutely incredible and we are totally in love with our baby girl and little sister!! We'll post pictures for the remainder of the week later today...I can promise you they are wonderful!!!!

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