Jun 24, 2009

How much longer on that paperwork...

This is the only other picture of Gabriella we currently have. We are sooooo close to having the last bit of our paper work completed. You know, I've looked at this picture a zillion times yet tonight, when I realize we are sooo close to being DTC and I'm thinking to myself "just a little more paper work and were there" I realized that she is sitting on paper ~ now it may be toilet paper or paper towels but it's paper:)

The USCIS requested a little more information. Daniel had just turned 18 and he needed to be asked some "big boy" questions and needed to receive an invitation to get fingerprinted. He will go tomorrow for his appointment. We met with the social worker, who we LOVE, so she could ask him the additional questions late last week. I should have the revised homestudy tomorrow. We will then overnight the updated info to the USCIS. Hopefully they will be able to process our last little bit of info quickly (can I tell you we have a great USCIS officer who has been so kind and helpful:) and we will then have our I 800 approval ~ it may be called something different but it's our approval:)

We will then take our approval and documents to the secretary of state for authentication (I can spell it, just have trouble saying it:) and they will process it while we wait:) Then, we will take a little journey to the China Consulate in Chicago where they will put their seal of approval on it as well. After that our documents will be sent to our agency who will review them and put any finishing touches on it and we will be DTC!!!! My hope is we can have all this accomplished and be DTC by mid July:)

Once we are DTC we will ask for our one and only update on Gabriella. This means we will receive updated photographs, info on what she likes, her schedule, favorite foods, items she enjoys playing with etc. We're still hoping we can have her home by Christmas:)

We are in the process of putting together a care package/birthday presents for her as she will turn 2 on July 10th. It's been fun putting everything together and we are anxious to send it to her ~ however, we are looking even more forward to celebrating her 3rd birthday at home with us next year...can you imagine a pink birthday party in our house of boys??

Jun 19, 2009

Daniels' Graduation Open House

We all had a great time at Daniel's graduation open house. The raspberry cake was delicious and a family tradition that began on Daniel's first birthday.

Josh and Daniel started kindergarten together and here they are celebrating graduation together. We love you guys!!

Jordan and Jamie, Josh's sister, also started kindergarten together. Three more years and we will be celebrating their graduations too:)

Gaga was able to socialize with everyone on the back porch at the open house and had a great day:)

Aunt Kris and hopefully soon to be Uncle Kevin came all the way down from Chicago to help with Daniel's open house and attend ~ thank you both sooooo much!!!

Eric, one of Daniel's friends from high school spent the day with us as well. During the open house there was a wonderful DVD playing that Grandma made of Daniel as he grew up through the years. In one of the pictures in the video Josh is leaning over to kiss Daniel when they were in 2nd grade ~ Eric felt Daniel needed a little love and was recreating the scene:) When I can figure out how to download the video on the blog I will ~ it's amazing!!!

Papa and Grandma were so gracious and allowed us to host Daniel's open house at their home. It worked out wonderful and they enjoyed having lots of people over they could visit with:) Thank you both sooooo much!!!

Mark and Laura are Josh & Jamie's parents and dear friends of ours. Our families will be vacationing together in Myrtle Beach in just a couple weeks ~ having fun in the sun, shopping and enjoying time together will be wonderful!!!

Nana and Pap came over to enjoy the festivities as well:) Nana makes the BEST chicken salad in the entire world and made a big bowl for us this weekend. It was delicious ~ thank you Nana!

Jason and Kelly are wonderful friends of ours and our first neighbors we met when we moved to central Indiana. We've spent countless nights out by the bon fire until the wee hours of the morning and had a great time:) Kelly is also a nurse and they too were from Ft Wayne so we have a lot in common. We just recently found out they will be adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia ~ we are thrilled for them and can't wait to meet the perfect little boy God has chosen for their family:)

Daniel's cousin Mandy and her daughter Kenzie came to the open house too:) Mandy made the most delicious cream cheese mints and that everyone enjoyed ~ they were wonderful!! Kenzie and Gabriella are about 5 months apart. We can't wait to get the girls together to play when Gabriella comes home:)

Grandma and Joe came over to enjoy the day as well:) We were so happy they could come and visit and take part in Daniel's special day:)

Mark, Josh, Daniel, Jamie and Laura ~ we couldn't have done the open house without you all. Thank you for coming down for the weekend, spending time together and for all your help ~ we love you guys and can't wait for vacation!!

AJ, one of Nicholas best friends came over to spend the day with Nicholas. They had a super time together...little did we know we would end up with Nicholas in the ER that night with breathing problems however we will save that for another post. He is doing better and for that we are VERY thankful!!

Aunt Wanda and Uncle Mark came down from Ft Wayne as well. It meant a lot to all of us that they could come down and celebrate Daniel's special day! When Daniel was one they bought him his first John Deere tractor that Daniel loved....I wonder if that's why he enjoys being such a country boy???

Grammi and Jayda came to the open house as well. Grammi made the BEST cheeseballs that our family has enjoyed for years. As one of the main ingredients had been discontinued she did some research and found a substitute that made it taste just as good if not better! Jayda was a big help as well. Thank you both for all your help:)

Uncle Tony and Aunt Cherly came for the day as well:) They also met us for dinner and delivered the mints to us early in the weekend. Thank you both for all your help and all your loving support of the boys!!

Jun 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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