About Me

I'm Teresa. I am blessed with three incredible biological boys, Daniel who is 20, Jordan is 17 and Nicholas is 13.  God called us to adopt a baby girl from China and with much prayer we followed his calling and Gabriella Grace Hao was placed in our arms at the age of 32 months on March 1, 2010...our life hasn't been the same since!  Gabriella filled a place in our hearts that we didn't know was empty and has completed our family in the most special way!

God called me into nursing in 1993 following the birth of our son Jordan.  God was patient as I explained to him He obviously had the wrong girl as I didn't have any desire to return to college.  God was very patient and slowly but surely convinced me to at least "try" out his plan for my life.  In 1996 I graduated from a Christian school with an ASN degree in nursing.  In 2007 I completed my BSN and in 2010 I completed my MSN.  I practiced as a neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurse for 13 years as well as a post-partum nurse for two years.  I'm currently serving as an assitant nursing professor at my alma matar, Indiana Wesleyan University and I couldn't be happier!  If things go well I plan to retire from there 20 plus years from now!  I have since learned to listen to God when He calls me to do something and even if I worry "how" or "why" I remember the verse Jermiah 29:11 which reminds me that God has great plans for my life.

My first love, only second to God is that of my family.  I enjoy attending all of our children's extra cirricular activities which means you can find us in basketball gyms, on golf courses, and it looks like ballet studios, soccer fields and gymnastic gyms are in our near future per Gabriella's request.  Now that my schooling is behind me, for now, I plan to start taking more pictures as I love photography and scrap-booking again too!  I have a new little "subject" that loves to have her picture taken and this mama is more than happy to oblige!   I also enjoy hosting Bible studies which we hope to start doing again, spending time with friends and family, taking walks, playing golf and enjoying occassional weekends away with our family when we can sneak away for a few days!  I also enjoy cooking and plan to start doing doing more of that now that school is over.
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