Mar 28, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls update...

There is so much we would love to be able to post right now yet due to how international adoption works we can't. However, what we can say is that there is a very special little girl in China that has captured our family's hearts. She is beautiful, determined and can light up a room with her smile like a ray of sunshine half way around the world. God has moved so many mountains to bring us to this point. There is one final mountain, that if God chooses to move we may know for sure that we have found our Gabriella Grace. We would appreciate any prayers you may want to send on her behalf as well as our families in asking that if this is God's will He will indeed move the final mountain.

Mar 16, 2009

Chocolate Covered Strawberries...

So, what is one to do when she is quietly sitting at her desk reviewing the lesson she is going to teach tomorrow, making a healthy choice and eating some grapes. About that time a male colleague walks by and says "that's not chocolate, doesn't chocolate sound good". I nicely explain I'm trying to be a good girl and eat healthy. Now, what he does not know is that I'm am totally hormonal and would LOVE to be eating chocolate right now ~ however I was trying to restrain from doing so. Add to that I'm taking not one but two masters classes at the moment, acclimating to a new job, getting closer on the list in regard to adopting our daughter from China and could possibly find out more info in the relatively near future...and he has the audacity to mention the word CHOCOLATE. I then proceed to come home and Curtis is going to take the boys for haircuts...yes, I'm home alone!! As I open the refrigerator I see the big, juicy red strawberries we purchased yesterday. I know in the freezer there are two big bags of chocolate chips...the rest, well it is history and oh so very, very yummy!!!!

Mar 4, 2009

Our trip to Colorado

Curtis and I took a mini vacation to Colorado. The mountains were beautiful ~ every morning we opened the curtains at the hotel and looked outside it became the morning joke that yes, the mountains are still there and as a pretty as ever:)

Did we mention the boys stayed back home in Indiana? They were very well cared for and though they missed mom and dad to some degree, they had a great time:)

I wonder how much longer it will be until Aly is as tall as Jennifer and Teresa??

Scott and Jennifer enjoying some cuddle time:)

Dalton is one the best guitar players we have ever heard!! Thank you for the mini concert our first night we arrived in CO ~ it was awesome!!

Talk about a little girl who loves her daddy and a daddy who loves his little girl:)

The miles may separate us but the bond of friendship is one that will last forever

Just maybe, by the next time we have our girls picture taken, Gabriella Grace may be home from China and can join us for some girl time:) Aly has already shown me a great place to shop for little girls!

We had the great honor of meeting Riley ~ one of the sweetest goldens in the world! Though we knew Riley was sick and didn't have a lot of time, we were grateful we were able to meet him and see him with his loving family.

We are dressed in red as while we were in CO we were able to attend the
New Mexico Colorado State basketball game. Curtis was able to spend some guy time with a life long friend, hang out with the team and then help to cheer the Lobos onto victory after double overtime win! A great time was had by all:)

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