Mar 13, 2013

Girls Trip To Florida!!!

I truly believe that God knew exactly what I needed right now which was some 


in the sun, with a girlfriend and my little one!!!

My favorite place in the entire world is on the beach listening to the 


the ocean and waves....

and oh the giggles of my precious baby girl!!!!

Photo: An evening swim:) A wonderful end to a perfect day!!!!

Someone was a little fish in the pool!!

After a wonderful breakfast on the beach, playing, shopping, and swimming in 

the pool Gabriella was more than ready for a nap!

Papa and Grandma, who aren't in these pictures, knew the girls needed a little 

time away for some R & R:)

We were thrilled my girlfriend Paula could join us and she made it a very 

memorable girls trip!!  Thank you Paula!

My baby girl is growing up!!

Gabriella sitting "in" the hot tub!

Gabriella has come to Florida every year over my spring break with me and it 

is something we both look so forward to!!  Thank you so much Papa and 

Grandma for a wonderful Florida get away!!

the long road

Mar 1, 2013

Three Years Ago Today...

Three Years ago today the most precious baby girl was placed in our arms!!

Today, she and I are actually heading to Florida for a girls trip so lots of pics 

will follow next week!  We thank God every single day for giving us one of the 

biggest blessings we could ask for!!  We love you Gabriella Grace Hao!!!

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