Dec 23, 2008

What Christmas is all about

The neonatal intensive care unit had the privilege of being able to adopt a family for Christmas. Today, Tanya and her hubby, along with our family loaded up the gifts that everyone in our unit was so kind to donate. A few days prior, Daniel and Jordan went out and did some shopping of their own for the children of the family we adopted. Their hearts were so into the true meaning of Christmas this year and little did I know, but it was the beginning of one of the most memorable Christmas' we have ever had.

This is the family we had the honor of adopting this year (posted with permission from mom), please notice the candy canes their precious little girl is holding. They were an amazing family and it was truly a privilege to meet them. The excitement that was on all of their faces and the heart-felt gratitude they had is something that will hold a place in our families hearts forever. If you really want to experience the true meaning of Christmas, please adopt a family next year.

The little girl used the candy canes to decorate the tree. She then took a couple of candy canes out, first offering candy canes to our boys and then giving one to her little brother and one for herself.

This little guy was just adorable and enjoyed every bite of his candy cane. Thank you to EVERYONE in the NICU who participated in a Christmas miracle for this family. We would also like to thank this family as they allowed us to experience what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.


Tanya said...

Thanks for all your help and generousity !! You rock

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