Nov 17, 2009

SHE'S OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's official!!! She is OURS!!! China said yes and our agency received our LOA TODAY!!!!!! We can now tell you all about her:) Gabriella Graces' Chinese name is Sun Wenhao. She is residing in foster care in Taiyuan City and has a WONDERFUL foster family!!! When she was born she was 6 lbs and 6 oz and was 18 inches long ~ such a perfect size for a little girl!!! Our agency is projecting we will travel late January or early February ~ I can tell you I will be working all of Christmas break to complete my next to last MSN class in hopes of having it done before we travel!!! Our family is BEYOND excited ~ I believe the only thing left we need to get is a rocking chair for her bedroom ~ then, the most important of all... is bringing her HOME to her forever family!!!!


AlyAbox said...

Oh Teresa!

All i can say is... Yippee Jesus!!!

i am thrilled for you!
How precious to know that you will be on your way to get her soon! This will be your last holiday without her!
We just found out that our paperwork should be in Ch*na tomorrow!!!
love you!

Joanne said...

Teresa, that is fantastic.... 60 days to LOA!?! I can only hope we are so lucky and get to travel maybe in late February!!!! I am really thrilled for you!

Wife of the Pres. said...

YEAH!!! I LOVE your timeline too! I would love to see you in GZ, but only if our paperwork is speedy! Looks like your at least a week ahead of us. Our LID is 10 days behind yours. Yep, I'm loving your timeline.


kelbel said...

WOW!! Thank you Jesus!! 2010 is already shaping up to be a great year for you and hopefully us too!! Surrounding you in love!

Steve n Coco said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I have been keeping an eye on your blog, knowing this post would come soon!! Congratulations, dear! And, not to panic you, but our TA came in 44 days from LOA... just sayin' :)
Be blessed,

Rebekah said...

Oh Teresa! I am so happy for you! I know what a joyous day this was for your family! Praying for a speedy TA, so you can have her home with you soon.

A little about me... said...

Yay! Theresa!!! That is wonderful!! She is beautiful and in just a couple months you will be holding her in your arms and another child from the Shanxi province will no longer be an orphan!! That is such blessed news!! I am sure you are busy getting your I-800 out!! Wishing you a quick TA and a January travel date!!

Simple Reflections said...

She is adorable!! We got our daughter in June 09 from Taiyuan foster care. She has been an incredible blessing to our family. I don't blog often but if you want to see our travel blog -
God Bless You,
Genna DeGroote

Denise said...

Yeah, so excited for you!!!

Amy said...

Whoo-hoooo! We are super excited for you guys. Happy Tears!

Steve n Coco said...

Okay, I'm absolutely DYING to know where you are at in your process! Have you heard anything? I-800 approved? On to NVC?? I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
Be blessed,

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