May 30, 2010

Girl Time..

As Jordan had a basketball tourney in Chicago this weekend it gave Gabriella and I a chance to have some girl time:) Daniel also stayed in town and we had a great time with him as well. We took Gabriella out for Chinese, went to see Daniel's new apartment he will be moving to next week and enjoyed an evening sitting out on the deck and watching some of the neighbors fish. Today Gabriella and I went shopping for a couple of things for her wardrobe as well as grocery shopping for Jordan's family birthday party tomorrow...let me tell you this girl LOVES to shop!!
Last night when I was giving Gabriella her bath I had complimented her on how well she gives herself a bath...she has actually done this since we have had her and though I am proud of her it makes me sad in some ways that she had to be so independent and truly knows how to completely bathe herself at such a young age. I've complimented her many times however last night when I told he she was doing such a good job she looked at me, smiled and then leaped towards me and wrapped her wet little arms around my neck as tight as she could and gave me a BIG kiss with a smile!! Talk about totally melting my heart! She repeated it again and was very cuddly last night!! While I'll never know exactly what has gone on in her little mind over the last few weeks I do know that her actions are beginning to show that she is accepting us as her family and for that we are incredibly thankful!
We also had another great thing happen last night! As I held my sleeping baby girl in my arms I completed my last class for my MSN degree! I still have a little work to do on my thesis however all of my classes are now officially completed...the thesis should be done within the next month:) When I began my MSN program I knew we would be starting the adoption process. I prayed that our daughter would be home by the time I completed my degree. It was a wonderful moment last night when I could look down into her beautiful little face and know that I was holding the perfect little girl God had already chosen for our family over two years ago.


Alycia said...

Am rejoicing with you my friend! How wondrous are the mysteries of God! How amazing that He had our girls chosen for us from the foundations of the earth. i love thinking about that.
Congratulations on finishing your MSN! Girl, i am so proud of you!!!
Love you,

Joanne said...

I am a little behind catching up on posts. Congratulations on completing your MSN!!! I know how hard you have worked. Gabriella is just beautiful and I can tell from your posts how much joy she has brought to you and your family

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