May 4, 2012

My Lil' Chef!!!

There are several things that I love doing with Gabriella, however cooking 

together  has to be towards the top of my list!  I love her excitement when 

she runs to get her princess apron! The fact that she needs to know what 

were cooking and what order we are doing it...and the sheer joy of just 

spending time with each other!

Gabbie likes to taste everything we cook...and even those things that haven't 

been cooked yet!  We were busy in the kitchen fixing dinner for our very sweet 

neighbors who were in a car accident a few weeks ago.  I have to tell you how 

much we love our neighborhood and the community we live in because if there 

is a need, it's not a matter of if people will come together and help, it's a 

matter of when can we get on the list to serve because there are so many 

people who come forward to help one another!

Yep!  She ate a few spoonfuls before it was baked!  If our neighbors are 

reading this, she took the spoonfuls out of our pan...not the pan for M & M:)

For dessert we made one of our L-O-N-G time family favorite recipes. Like a 

friend of my mom's made this pie when I was in grade school and it is now 

one of our kiddos family faves!  We call it the Hershey pie as it is made with 

Hershey chocolate bars!  I will post the recipe soon as it is an easy, yummy 

pie that is perfect for summer!!!

Together we prepared three pans of mostacholi, one of which we froze to use 

for a later date, two loaves of garlic bread, two salads and two Hershey pies!  

And yes, later that evening my girlfriend and I went for a long walk to burn of 

some much needed calories that were consumed that evening:)

the long road


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