Oct 26, 2012

Dad's Day at Preschool!!!

As father's day is in June our preschool like to celebrate a special day with 

dads in October.  

I honestly don't know who was more excited about their day together....Curtis 

or Gabriella!

Curtis opted not to take the camera with him but they both shared all about 

their morning with equal excitement!

There was singing, playing, giving gifts, yummy treats and spending special 

time together!  Pastor's Stan and Zach led them in singing and this was very 

special to everyone there.  Pastor Stan had a brain tumor two years ago and 

and after treatments and lots of prayer he was 100% healed...until just a 

couple of months ago and another tumor has appeared.  Pastor Stan's medical 

outlook is difficult, but his spiritual outlook and love of life is amazing!!!!

the long road


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