Nov 9, 2012

I Wonder If She Knows...

It absolutely amazes me how God can plant a little seed in your heart, in a 

place you didn't even know was vacant, and allow such a love to grow!  

Gabriella has been home with our family for two years and eight months; 

exactly how long she lived in China before she was placed in our arms.

The adoption books say that it's at this point that you will see their full 

personality evolve and has it ever evolved!!!  The little girl who walked in the 

civil affairs office as confident as can be, then had her entire world turned 

upside down and moved half way around the world, that confident little girl is 


I can't even put into words the amount of joy, happiness and love she has 

brought to our family. I wonder if she knows that if I could have asked God to 

create the perfect daughter that she exceeds everything I would have ever 

prayed for?  Does she know that  I've smiled and had my heart melt at least a 

zillion times over the last two years and eight months all from having the 

most  precious daughter in the entire world?

She is mischievous and knows exactly what buttons to push to turn all three 

of her brothers worlds upside down!  The shirt says it all "semi-sweet"...and I 

wouldn't want it any other way!!!

To say she fits in perfectly to our family is an understatement!  

This was the pose she would do for the camera for the first few months after 

coming home from looks like she still remembers it!

Gabriella Grace Hao we will never be able to thank God enough for giving us 

one of the most miraculous gifts in the entire world, you!  You have completed 

our family and made it more complete than we could have ever dreamed!  

Thank you for the happiness and joy that you bring to our life each and every 


the long road


Sarah said...

sure... make me cry!

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