Nov 10, 2013

A Time of Change...

The last several months have been a time of change for our family. 
We have adjusted from a family of six to a family of five. While Curtis and I had some good years, and four of the best blessings anyone could EVER ask for, we also had our challenges.  While our marriage ended in April, the love we have for our children and our desire to do everything we can for them remains as strong as ever.
Here is a quick update as to what has been going on the last few months with the kiddos!

Gabriella graduated and said goodbye to her incredible Pre K class and all her friends!  She was blessed to attend a wonderful Christian pre-school the past two years and it was hard to say goodbye!

On July 10, our little princess turned 6!!!


The princess and her court:)

We had some of her favorite foods, played games and had a great time with a piñata!

A very relaxing summer was spent with some of her best neighbor friends:)

I was blessed to have a lot of girl time with friends:)

When Daniel flew in from North Carolina to spend Gabriella's birthday weekend with her I could hardly keep her behind security when she saw him!  She was VERY glad to see her big brother!


It did this mama's heart good to have all of her boys home for a long weekend this year!

I was blessed to be able to take a couple of trips to Colorado to hang with my BFF in May and July this year!  Girl time with your bestie when going through a divorce is the absolute MOST THEREPUTIC thing you can do!!!  Thank you Jennifer for your love, support, prayers, laughter, bon fires, our front porch chats into the night, retail therapy, seeing me through my rebellion month at all hours of the day and night, comforting me during the difficult times and yes reminding me that "life does go on chica and it's time to get back on the horse and try again".  A big thank you to Scott,  your awesome hubby, for letting his "Indiana wife" come hang out with her BFF and Ms. Aly girl for so graciously letting me stay in her gorgeous hot pink room during my visits:)

In July I took Nicholas back to Colorado with me for a very memorable "mother son" trip!  We, along with Jennifer and her hubby, attended  Cheyenne Days and saw Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean.

The Jason Aldean concert was very memorable:)

Gracie ad Gabbie soaking in the very last day of summer vacation before school starts:)

Nicholas starting his sophomore year of high school...with coffee in hand and a Duck Dynasty shirt on....

Gabriella on her first morning of kindergarten at the same school all of her brothers attended kindergarten:)

Please note Nicholas' "after school" attire....a shirt I bought him for back to school that he didn't choose to wear on the first day to school, but on the golf course after school!

Gabriella survived her first week in kindergarten and is blessed with an incredible teacher! She has the same teacher Nicholas had for kindergarten eleven years ago and she attends our
church...we are sooooo very blessed!

Gabriella and Nolan....they met in preschool and are the best of friends!  We had a play date this summer and found out he will be playing basketball and she will be doing cheerleading in our
churches Upward program in January!!  We think the world of Nolan and his wonderful family:)

Yes, she is holding a frog....without gloves or anything!  I sanitized her hands extensively after this!

It's definitely been a year of change, but change can be good.  I've learned there can be many blessings through the raindrops and that God's love is steadfast and never changes, and in that I find great joy and comfort! This blog will either be getting a makeover or a new blog will begin after the first of the year!  We are praying you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


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