Apr 20, 2009

The Irony of it All

This evening after dinner Curtis gently says "you may want to go through some of the mail that came today". I thought this comment was strange as we typically open the mail, put it where it belongs and go on with our day. This peaked my curiosity. The first piece of paper is from the government. Not something nice like a tax refund, no, it's a letter from the selective service system telling us we need to register Daniel, our 18 year old. Well, as he is our oldest and I've never done this before I totally freaked out. I called my girlfriend Lora who has a son Daniels age, as well as a son that is two years older than Daniel. She gently tells me yes, you need to do this but they aren't taking him anywhere...it's ok...it's part of having boys. I guess I thought they only had to do this if there was a draft or something but that isn't the case. So, after some deep breathing exercises and my conversation with Lora I continue to go through more of the mail. The next piece of mail, yes, it too is from the government! We received our I 797C notice stating they have received our I 800 A application and we will be receiving an invitation to go get fingerprinted in the near future..this is GREAT news!! In my wildest dreams I wouldn't have thought that on the exact same day we would receive two notices from the government; one wanting us to register our first born son with the selective service and the other progression in being another step closer to bringing our baby girl home from China...Curtis said something about with this type of odds it may be a good day to go to Vegas? Not that I'm dying to go to Vegas however, I think I just may agree with him!


The Wright Trips said...

Wow! Congratulations on getting one step closer to your little girl.

And I had no idea they send those letters to all boys. I'm glad I read this. I know I still have 15 years, but holy cow! I don't wanna think about that! :)


Tami said...

Congratulations on your adoption progress:-)!

As I read your post about the selective service letter....I stoped and thought OK, how much time??? OH, MY only 8 years! I know our country doesnt have a draft, but just knowing you have to register them is un-nerving.

Keeping you in prayer!


Amy said...

Oh! My heart totally skipped a beat! Or six! Whew.

On the other end, how exciting! Can't wait till that part is all done.

kelbel said...

That is so exciting! Would love to catch up with you soon!!
Love, Kelly Ulm

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