Jul 23, 2009

Our beautiful birthday girl!!!

Our beautiful baby girl turns 2!

This morning I awoke to an update about Gabriella and not one, not two, but seventeen pictures as well!!!! I'm sure you are all just melting like we did when we saw new pictures of our little princess!!!

Along with pictures we also learned some new information about our little sweetheart.

Favorite foods ~ meat, rice and eggs

Favorite color ~ she loves bright colors, especially red (Grandpa and Aunt Tammi's favorite color)

She still takes three bottles a day and sometimes one at midnight ~ Mommy and Daddy are thrilled to hear this and can't wait to cuddle and give her a bottle!

This is a big one ~ she tells an adult when she has to go to the bathroom ~ God is good!!!!

Her favorite things to play with ~ stuffed animals and toy cars, we still have all of Nicholas cars, it looks like he will be sharing! We will also introduce her to baby dolls:)

She wakes at 5, naps at 11, and goes to be around 8.

For breakfast she eats noodles, eggs and soup. Lunch is rice and meat. Dinner is congee, steamed buns and pancakes!

She is a light sleeper ~ just like her oldest brother Daniel.

Personality ~ she is fairly extroverted ~ not shy, she will fit right in!!

She has been healthy and is doing very well!!!

We are thrilled that we received an update this week on our precious baby girl. Lady Bugs & Love provided the information and they are WONDERFUL!! We highly recommend them if you are adopting and want to send a little something to special to your little one!!!


AlyAbox said...

She's beautiful! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am for you! She looks like a Gabriella Grace!
We can hardly wait to get our "heart's desire" home, and then get the two girls together. Won't that be fun?!
Blessings to you and yours!
Alycia and family

kelbel said...

That is so awesome!!! How sweet!! That is a huge cake. Can't wait to meet her!!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

How wonderful to receive so many pictures and updates! I love the pearls!! Gabriella is adorable!

Annie said...

She is just gorgeous!!! I know how excited you must have been to get such wonderful pictures and info!!


Tami said...

She's simply darling and look at that cake!!!!! Yummmm. I know you must look at the photos several times a day....what a blessing!


Amy said...

Goosebumps!!! Can she just get here already????

McNew Family said...

You have one beautiful daughter, Momma! Did Angela arrange for that birthday cake??? Goodness gracious almighty! BTW, Angela is top notch! We stayed with her a little over a year ago. We are waiting on photos of our daughter who turned 4, still waiting for us in China. Angela arranged to have her birthday cake sent to her too - I wonder if they are all that immense???? Blessings to you! Was that Myrtle Beach, OR?

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