Aug 15, 2009

Friday Favorites

As life can become crazy with raising three incredibly busy, active and athletic boys; then add to the mix a hubby who owns his own business, a mom who works as a nursing instructor and is a full time grad student (just three classes to go) and an international adoption to bring home the most beautiful baby girl from China, I have decided to at least try to post on Fridays. With the Friday Favorite post it can be from a variety "favorite" things. It may be a favorite recipe, memory, restaurant, vacation almost anything that is special to our family.

The picture above would be that of my two grandmas. They are as opposite as can be! Nanny, on the left is my maternal grandma. She is as sweet as can be. She eats lots of healthy foods, taught me how to play euchre at the age of 4 and wouldn't hurt a fly. Gaga is my paternal grandma who just celebrated her 90th birthday today (Nanny has her by a couple years:). Gaga can be just as sweet as Nanny and turn on the charm in a heartbeat...then there is the other side where she can tell you exactly what she is thinking in no uncertain terms ~ I'm convinced I'm a blend of the two:)

Last night we took Gaga to one of her favorite restaurants. It isn't a fancy place by any means and would remind you of a little "Ma and Pa" type place to eat. She indulged with a double order of fried potatoes, her favorite, eggs and a pancake...she ate until her "full alert" button came on and she boxed up the potatoes for her midnight snack.

Today we celebrated her birthday with friends and family. Families came that had been friends with her for over 60 years and a very good time was had by all:)


Amy said...

Only on Fridays? Ugh.
Your gmas are are their descriptions!

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