Sep 4, 2009

Care Package for Gabriella

We sent a care package to Gabriella and it was quite fun picking things out to send her. Our social worker suggested we go to Build A Be*ar and record our voices in a stuffed animal so Gabriella could hear our voices before she meet us ~ so this is where the lamb came from and has a message from us to Gabriella:) As her weight is only 22 pounds, which puts her in 18-24 months on many charts, yet her height is almost 34 inches that would equal a size 3T we sent a variety of sizes over to her. I think we will have a much better idea once she is home with us and we can try different things on her ~ speaking of clothes, this little girl is establishing quite the wardrobe. Children's Pl*ce had a great sale about a month ago so we started her 2010 spring/summer attire:) Also, if anyone has ideas of items to take with us for Gabriella to play with while we are in China I would value your opinion...the last 18 years have been spent with basketball, golf, football...I think you get the idea so we are in need of ideas of what a very sweet 2 year old little girl my enjoy playing with:)


Amy said...

Awwww... makes my heart melt a bit seeing all that stuff ready to fly halfway around the world. I've heart from other families ... bubbles, sidewalk chalk, food, soft babydoll, and a backpack (so you can put all the stuff in it and they can wear it, carry it, etc).

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

What a fantastic idea with the bear...I love it. After reading your comment on my blog I realized I did forget to delclare something in Faith's package, her little socks! Yikes... hopefully it will be ok? Take Care!

Steve n Coco said...

So, I'm just getting caught up on your blog... don't you just LOVE all the bright beautiful colors of girly clothes??!! I have to say, my daughter's closet is MUCH more interesting for me to look in than my boys' :)
be blessed,

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