Sep 13, 2009

Emily & Gabriella

We have mentioned in a previous post how blessed we are that Emily's family and our family have been united through a common adoption group. Emily came home from China with her family about two weeks ago ~ her mom and I have been in contact with each other since learning our girls were in the same foster home in China and email regularly. Emily's mama was so kind to email us several pictures of the girls together in their foster home in China. This picture means so much to both of us as the girls foster dad is holding them, and the various pictures we have show the true love their foster parents have for the girls ~ this is something we will eternally be thankful for. Emily is on the left and is doing wonderful at home with her family ~ the relationship we will have with their family is truly priceless as we feel it is nothing short of a miracle from God that our two little girls who lived half way around the world as sisters in China, will be living just a couple states away from each other here in the US. Once we have Gabriella home with us for a bit and have spent some time bonding, our first road trip we are planning is to allow the girls to be reunited ~ just thinking about how much it will mean to them is something we can't even put into words.

We are hoping to have our log in date (LID) which is the date our dossier is logged into the China system ~ we should have the date this week....that's what we're hoping for. After the LID comes the letter of approval (LOA) ~ once this is received we will sign it and send it back to China ASAP. After they receive it we will then recieve our travel approval (TA) and that is when we can take a long plane ride to China to bring our baby girl HOME!!!


Amy said...

I have total goosebumps. Can you just imagine what they will be saying to each other? Heeheehee

AlyAbox said...

How wonderful to have this connection to Gabriella's "sister"!
We are rejoicing with you about your coming LID! Wish we were there, but, know that it will happen when it is supposed to happen! :)
Blessings to you and your precious family!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Wow! Whan an awesome blessing God has bestowed upon you and Emily's family. You are getting closer!! What a wonderful feeling, I'm sure.

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