Aug 8, 2010

Brothers and Sisters...

Nicholas and Gabriella have a very typical brother and sister relationship...the only difference is they are both used to being the youngest and have enjoyed this role. There are days the brother and sister duo get along beautifully ~ those days are filled with laughter, wrestling, playing and having a great time...then there are the other days where they both want to be the youngest and do everything they can to maintain that position ~ they know exactly what buttons to push to test each others patience. They are beginning to understand that we love them each for who they are and not for who happens to be the youngest. I'm hoping that by Christmas this dynamic duo may over-come this little competition they seem to have and will be able to enjoy each and every day with one another:)


Alycia said...

Oh girl, i know this competition all too well these days! Praying that yours will pass quickly and mine as well.

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