Jun 22, 2011

Our Little Ballerina...

Gabriella had her first ballet class on Tuesday evening and to say our little ballerina was excited is an understatement!!!  Through out the day I was asked about every 30 minutes if it was time for ballet class; along with wondering what her teacher was doing at that given time, what she was having for lunch, if she would meet new friends...I think you get the idea:)  Gabriella is in the 3 & 4 year old class and seems to really enjoy it!  I thought it was great except for the fact the parents weren't given an opportunity to come in and take pictures, so any photos that we take are through a very narrow glass door ~ how could they not realize we all wanted pictures of our precious baby girls?  There was also a sign on the door asking parents not to allow siblings to distract the dance class by looking in the window...there wasn't anything about not asking parents to take pictures and watch our sweet little ones.  One thing I love about being a mom in my 40's is that I'm not shy about making suggestions, and I can assure you I will be making at least one:)


Joanne said...

If it's like my daughter's class when she was around the same age, they will have a "recital" in which you will be allowed to sit in on the class and take pictures and video! Enjoy - I love the picture of her with the little girl in the Tutu!

Amy said...

I thought I recognized the studio... and from your comments I KNOW where you are. Claire took there for two years. Loved it... good luck with the suggestion =) She's beautiful... can you come out Sat evening?

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