Dec 27, 2011

Brothers and Sisters...

Gabriella has such a unique relationship with each of her brothers:)

Jordan spoils her and baby's her like none other!  We had a meeting to attend

 and even though Jordan wasn't feeling well he pulled out the cookie dough,

cookie cutters, decorations along with making icing so he and Gabriella could

decorate Christmas cookies three weeks before Christmas!

She had a great time eating the icing and decorating the cookies with her big bro!

Their finished product:)

As many of you know Gabriella and Nicholas spent a lot of time working through

their new positions within the family.  Namely, Nicholas had been the baby for

over twelve years prior to Gabriella coming home from China. I can happily say

that this dynamic duo has come a l-o-n-g way and realized there is plenty of love

to go around for each one!

Daniel and Gabriella prove that personalities can be very similar even if you

happen to come from two totally different parts of the world!  When they first

met Daniel had to try really hard to get on her good side...let's say he

had definitely met his match!  Now she squeals with excitement any time she

knows she will talk to him, see him or be able to spend time together.   She loves

each of her brothers unconditionally and I can say that they all feel

the same about her.  They have all said they can't imagine their life without her

and God definitely knew who the  perfect little sister would be for each of them!


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