Dec 31, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

After a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church, and our pastor having all

the children come up on stage so he could read them the Christmas story out of

the Bible, and an impromptu Chinese dinner with some friends we've known over

twenty years we headed home to prepare for Santa's arrival the next morning!

Last year Gabriella enjoyed the story The Night Before Christmas because it was

 a story...this year, she was really into it as she "got it".

She loves her daddy reading her stories...especially this one!

She wanted to go check the tree one more time.

She was so excited!

After deciding things were just right...

and the presents were organized just so.

It was time to write the note to Santa, which was just precious, and put out the

cookies and milk!

Nicholas then was busy in the den tracking Santa on the computer and he found

that Santa had just arrived in the United States!  It was off to bed and we didn't

 hear another word the entire night!!


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