Feb 6, 2013

A Life Saved...by Daniel!!!

Daniel called yesterday as I was driving to work and said "mom, are you 

sitting down? I've got something to tell you"!!!  I HAVE NEVER heard the 

excitement in his voice like I did yesterday morning.

A call came into the station where he is a volunteer fireman as well as a 

certified EMT for a patient in cardiac arrest.  A rescue fire truck responded to 

the call as well as an ambulance from a different location.  Upon arrival the 

patient was in asystole, or did not have a heartbeat.  Under the direction of 

an experienced paramedic Daniel assisted in giving over 200 chest 

compressions, alternating with the paramedic, in ventilating the patient.  

After a little while, a pulse returned and the patient survived.

Working in health care and dealing with life and death every day for some is a 

job, or a profession.  For those who are "called" into it there is no amount of 

money that can replace the feeling of joy, excitement and peace when you 

know you have helped someone in need.  I can't even put into words the love 

and excitement that my heart feels knowing that MY SON, not only saved his 

first life yesterday, but more than that is answering a calling for his life, to 

help those in need!  


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