Feb 16, 2013

Taking Care of Her Big Brother...With Chocolate!!

As I reflect on the last, almost three years, since Gabriella was placed in our

 arms, it has become apparent that Nicholas needs her just as much as she 

needs him.  They balance each other out in the most perfect way!

Yesterday Nicholas and Curtis both had laparoscopic surgery, both on their 

right knees due to pain. Dr C was totally surprised to find that both of their 

plica bands on their knees were almost double the size they should be.  Now 

they are recovering and  doing very well.

Gabriella knew that Nicholas had been asking for a chocolate cake with 

chocolate icing and insisted that we make this for him. She added the hearts 

to tell him she loved him:)

Gabriella is a very smart little girl in realizing that chocolate can make just 

about anything better...including her big brother:)

the long road


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