Apr 5, 2013

Easter Morning...

Easter morning was a very cool morning but it didn't damper the spirits of our 

little princess!

She brings smiles to the faces of her brothers like no one else can:)

Love my babies but we were missing the oldest one!

There is a L-O-N-G bargaining story behind this dress...yes at the age of 5!!!

Curtis and the kiddos

We were ready for church 30 minutes before it started...has to be a world 

record for us!!

It's amazing when gifts are involved that kids will do an egg hunt

even if they are 6'2....

and a freshmen in college

and especially if you are five years old!!

While the egg hunt is fun, the real reason we celebrate Easter is that Jesus 

died on the cross for our sins and then ROSE three days later!!  Thank you 

Jesus for loving us so very much!!

the long road


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