Oct 29, 2008

Happy Fall Y' all

When we were at Johnny Appleseed Festival in September there was a lady selling the cutest fall decorations. We purchased one that has all of our names including Gabriella's. It's funny, Gabriella's name was up in the middle, until someone in the family decided since she would be the baby, she should be placed in birth order ~ I think we have a little guy in the family that is pretty excited to give up his baby status and change to the big brother role.
Today we have our first meeting with the social worker at Starb*cks. I have spoken to her on the phone and she sounds like a very nice person. We are anxious to meet with her and know that we are at least one step closer to Gabriella:)
We had the privilege of meeting Alice, the social worker, and she was WONDERFUL!! She had some great ideas and gave us some incredible insight on different things in regard to when Gabriella comes home ~ bonding and what we may expect verses what reality may be at first, "time in's" verses "time out's" with a child adopted from an orphanage, helpful hints on incorporating her Chinese heritage into our families lives and other great ideas! Now, we get to start writing our autobiographies, get our physicals filled out (this means a trip to Ft Wayne and lunch at Casa's:), do more paper work, have additional meetings with a different social worker so she can meet the boys, see the house etc. I'll bet you can guess what I'll be doing tonight once the boys are in bed ~ paper work:)


Amy said...

I didn't see those at JA festival. Yes - we made it there. Thanks for encouraging us. It was very fun.
GASP - a meeting with the social worker. How exciting! Keep us "posted!"

Denise said...

Oh I remember paper chasing very well...so much of it...but all so worth it!

Love the pumpkin decoration. Happy Fall~

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