Nov 1, 2008

Emme will be coming home from China

Our friends just received their letter of approval to adopt Emme from China! Click here to see Emme's family and then go to the photos to see Emme ~ she is beautiful! They have waited for over two years and just received Emme's referral in September. The joy on Tony's face, Emme's dad, when he showed us her referral picture during the high school football game in September and told us all about her was incredible! Beth, Emme's mom is very excited as well and has been doing some shopping for Emme. Jordan, our middle son, and Wade, their oldest son play basketball together on our local high school team. We have already decided that Emme and Gabriella will be spending plenty of time playing together in the stands while their brother's are busy shooting hoops on the court together:) If we're lucky, Tammi will be the trainer for the games and she will bring her daughter, Adi Mei, who just came home from China two years ago. We hope and pray that Emme's family will be able to travel soon to pick her up and will bring her home safe and sound to the arms of her loving family.


Linda said...

I'm so pleased to learn that you have decided to move forward in your adoption plans. You wrote to me several months ago and said that it would probably be a couple of years before you began, and I wondered at the time whether or not you would wait. It seems that once you get "bitten" by this adoption bug, it's just like being pregnant. - You think about your child all the time and begin to build dreams. Congratulations!

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