Dec 12, 2010

A card from Mei Mei!

When we returned from church this morning we picked up the mail we forget to pick up yesterday. Nicholas said it looks like we have a card from someone special. I looked and saw it was a Christmas card from Emily, Gabriella's mei mei in China. I told Gabriella she had mail to soon as she opened it and saw mei mei' Emily's picture this was her reaction:) I wanted to take a picture of the picture to complete the post however my camera died after I took this picture...I'm praying it's not a fatal situation with the camera but things aren't looking too promising right now! I'm thrilled I was able to capture this before the camera became ill!!!


Heather Hale said...

How sweet! It's so special she still has contact with her China family. It's time for me to send another update to Emmalyne's foster family, but I'm still struggling to keep up with my to-do list right now.

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