Dec 27, 2010

Christmas Eve...

Our Christmas season in 2010 was one of change...changing some traditions we have had for several years, celebrating our very first Christmas with our new daughter as well as adding new items to our menu:) Steamed dumplings are something I can say we added for Gabriella this year and she truly screamed with excitement when she saw them!

Gabriella opening her very first Christmas present on Christmas was true joy seeing the her excitement shine from the inside out!

Aunti Tammi and Gabriella ~ I love their smiles!

Grammi sporting her new glasses!

Gabriella's joy and excitement continued ~ this is what the entire weekend was filled with:)

Nicholas loves many things in life and McDonalds is one them...he was pretty excited when he received a gift card from Aunti Tammi to Mc-a-D's:)

I forgot didn't take pictures when Gabriella was all dressed up for our church Christmas eve service. The service was beautiful and I can say that holding our baby girl in our arms while singing silent night was one of the best feelings in the entire world! After we came home and got comfy Curtis read "The Night Before Christmas" to Gabriella and she loved it! What thrilled us even more was when she was singing Happy Birthday Jesus...we are made sure she understood the real meaning of the season:) We did leave cookies and milk for Santa which were gone on Christmas morning:) Seeing Christmas in the eyes of a child again was truly amazing!


Rebekah said...

Love the picture of Gabriella with the dumplings! Robert LOVES them too!
Glad you enjoyed her first Christmas home with her family. Her pj's on Christmas morning are precious!!!

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