Jun 1, 2012

Life Just Became A Little Sweeter....We're Going to See Mei Mei Emily!!

We are doing the happy dance at our house as we just found out we are going 

to see Mei Mei Emily and her family in August!!!

Gabriella has been smiling from ear to ear since she found out!

She has been giggling and saying "I'm going to kiss Mei Mei when I see her"!!!

"I also want to hold her hand"!!  I don't have a doubt the girls will be hand in 

hand when they see each other as that is how they have spent the majority of 

their time when they are together!!!  We can't wait to spend time with Mei 

Mei's family as they have truly become part of our family!  

the long road


MG Atwood said...

What lovely captures, and beautiful girls.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh my- how EXCITING!!!!!!! They are so cute!

Sophi Belle said...

Aww, lovely!

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