May 10, 2009

An incredible mothers day gift! We have a daughter!!

As many of you know we have been working through the process to adopt a baby girl from China. We had not planned to even start the adoption process until this fall ~ however, God made himself very clear in asking us to start the process a full year earlier ~ a true lesson in God's timing vs our timing:)
Monday afternoon, May 4th, I was having lunch with a very dear friend and colleague, Toni. During lunch my cell phone rang and I didn't recognize the number. I answered the phone and it was our adoption agency ~ they had a little girl that was 21 months old and asked if we would like to review her file ~ I said of course! Toni had a feeling when it rang it just may be the adoption agency ~ she was right!! In the matter of 4 hours I had read and downloaded her file, poured over the medical reports as did all of my nursing friends, met up with Curtis so we could look at her picture together on the blackberry then ran the medical info to the pediatricians office for him to review. As she was on the shared list we had a brief window of time to make a decision. The pediatrician called and said he felt good about her medically ~ she's small, but healthy:)

Tuesday, May 5th, on Jordan's 16th birthday, we accepted the referral of Gabriella Grace Wright!!! WE have a DAUGHTER!!! We mailed in our letter of intent (LOI) and are awaiting the response from China. We are not allowed to post any information or a picture until we receive our pre-approval ~ however when we can, you all will be able to see the most beautiful little girl in China:)

Jordan had opened gifts before going out for dinner on Tuesday. We told him we had one more gift for him to open and we would allow him to open it at dinner ~ however, it was something he had to share with his brothers and the rest of the family. He opened the picture frame you see above with his new sister looking right at him ~ tears filled his eyes and the boys were beyond excited!!!
This is the first year that I can recall my birthday and mothers day falling on the same day. I can't imagine a more perfect gift than the gift of a daughter ~ God is soooooo good!! We will remove the piece of paper that is covering her sweet little face as soon our agency allows us to ~ we can't wait to show you the perfect daughter/sister God has chosen for our family!


Steve n Coco said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see who is behind that piece of paper, so exciting! And I love how you told your boys-- I bet that was quite a scene :) So, it sounds like little Gabriella Grace will be home by graduation after all!!
Be blessed,

Tami said...


Wow! Praise the Lord!!!!! What an unbelievable gift:-). I can't wait to see your daughter's face...Happy Mother's day:-)))))


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Teresa and Family,
Congratulations on receiving the blessed news of your daughter! I'm excited to see the big reveal and follow you to get Gabriella!!! God is good!!

AlyAbox said...


We are rejoicing with you! Praising God for your referral!
What a blessing it is to know that you have found your Gabriella Grace.
Hope to meet her someday!
Be blessed!

kelbel said...

That is so exciting!!! CongratS! I can not wait to meet her!!

God is Good!

Wife of the Pres. said...

WOW! Congratulations Teresa!!! I imagine you'll travel before us (I hope so)! But I'll get to follow along and watch another precious little girl be grafted into her family!!!

You live on a lake, how cool is that?! And the story of the lady and your dog gave me a laugh this morning!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

I meant to say too that we got THE CALL on the Thursday before Mother's Day and it was an incredible weekend. I'll always remember on Mother's Day the call about our little girl! VERY SPECIAL TIMING INDEED!

Denise said...

I am so so excited for you! What an awesome Mother's Day it was...and just think what next year will be like~

Rebecca said...

THRILLED TO PIECES!!!!! Can't wait to see her picture! What a blessing!

Tanya said...

Yeah !! Happy Birthday,, too. We are going out to dinner at the cheesecake factory Mon the 18th at 7pm..come if you can..send me your real email address


ellie said...

That is sooooo exciting! I just found you through some link (M family maybe?) anyway our China Doll has been home 1 year. She is sooooo fun! I will look forward to following the rest of your journey! Happy Birthday/Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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