Apr 26, 2010

Two months with her forever family!

Two months ago today a very sad and confused little girl was placed in our arms. She spent her first few days in China bringing us our shoes and walking us to the hotel door as she wanted us to take her back to her family; namely her foster grandparents. Today, she brings us our shoes to go bye bye asking if she can go see "Gaga, Papaw and G-ma". She truly loves her new family and ALL of her grandparents! Watch for a special post with her Grandmas coming very soon!
Gabriella has now learned over 40 new words and will say almost anything you ask her to say! Her favorite American fast food is Chick F*let including chicken tenders, waffle fries and sweet tea ~ a true southern and China girl! When we go shopping and pull up in front of a store she knows is for her she claps her hands and squeals with excitement ~ this mama LOVES to have one of her children excited to go shopping! After spending time with family and friends she will normally give them a hug, kiss, then says and waves bye bye with the sweetest little southern accent you have ever heard...she will even blow you kisses as we drive away!
God has blessed our family beyond measure with Gabriella and we will be eternally thankful that He chose us to give such a special gift to!


Alycia said...

What a joyful post!
We are so happy to know that Miss Gabriella has just fit right in to her new family!
So very happy for you all!
It looks like we will be traveling for Adahlyn around the 18th or 19th. The 18th is Audra's 19th birthday, so that would be neat!
love you!

TheDideonGang said...

Happy Anniversary - each month will be exciting and new.
I just love that she seems to smile all the time. God definately placed her into the perfect family
God Bless :-) Lavonne

Rebekah said...

I love your new family picture and how happy Gabriella looks in all of the pictures with her family.
I understand how she is such a blessing to your family. So glad to read how well she is doing her first two months home. The time goes by so quickly!!!

kelbel said...

Could she be any prettier? We are so happy for you!!!!

A little about me..... said...

She is absolutely beautiful and looks so happy!! Congratulations!! Love those Shanxi girls!!

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