Mar 26, 2011

Happy 97th Birthday Nanny!

Today we celebrated Nanny's 97 birthday!!  I can only hope that if I reach the age of 97 that I will be as happy and healthy as she is.  Nanny continues to live in the same home where she has lived for over 30 years and pretty much take care of the majority of all needs other than running errands; not bad for 97!  I can honestly say she is one of the healthiest people I know!  She has taken vitamins for as long as I can remember, eats a balanced diet that includes plenty of honey and coffee as well...even with cream!

We all had nice time getting together and enjoyed a delicious pitch in!  Mom brought chicken and green beans, Tammi made some yummy corn casserole and rolls and we brought crock-pot cheesy potatoes along with a cheese ball and crackers. Nanny was tickled that she was able to blow out her "97" candles and later in the afternoon Gabriella got the giggles which quickly became contagious to all.


The Wright Trips said...

How awesome! Aren't Grandma's amazing!? Mine will be 90 this year & she can totally walk faster than me & still mows her yard on occasion. I'm telling you, they did something right "back in the day". Cute, cute pictures!

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