Jul 8, 2011

Our little blessings!!!

There is something that happens through the miracle of adoption that can sometimes be hard to describe to those who have not adopted.  Our family has been able to experience a blessing that can't even be put into words.  While Emily and Gabriella started their lives over 8000 miles away, as sisters in a 180 square foot apartment in China, God has allowed their relationship to continue for a life time with their forever families.  We watched the last three days as the girls spontaneously stopped what they were doing to hug and kiss one another.  Holding hands while walking wasn't an option, it was something they both insisted on doing. Ring around the rosy took place on the ground and in the pool as well with a variety of entertaining verses. Gabriella, as the big sister, still tried to take care of Emily by serving her pizza for dinner tonight, trying to hold her several times and in general looking out for her over all well being.  Mary, Emily's mom and I were both amazed at how much the girls remember and how close there bond continues to be.  One bond that is growing even stronger than it already is, is our bond with Emily and her family...we knew they felt like family the moment we met them.  We knew our families finding each other wasn't an accident but God's will.  What we didn't expect was that each time we got together with them it would be harder and harder to say goodbye...tonight was pretty difficult.  We are excited about all the times we have to look forward to in sharing our special moments with our little blessings God so graciously entrusted us with. 


Sarah said...

all teary eyed... love this.

Amy said...

Totally agree with Sarah. Sniff.

Heather H. said...

Truly WONDERful.

Aly said...

God is so good!
Love that they are still "sisters" as well as friends!
Love you!
p.s. finally added a couple new pics to the blog...

Football and Fried Rice said...

So, So gorgeous. I just love that you are able to get these girls together.

Mya had a "little" brother (by 2 months) in her foster home. They lived together for 2 1/2 years and he was adopted 6 months after her - in DENMARK. Breaks my heart because obviously the chances of us meeting in person are highly unlikely :( I was really rooting for Ohio, but God had other plans!

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