Jul 21, 2011

Prayers for Gabriella...

Today our little princess will be heading into surgery.  A couple of months ago Gabriella stated that her teeth hurt when she was eating ice cream...and as this little one loves ice cream we went ahead and made an appointment with the pediatric dentist.  I was thinking a couple of fillings and we would be on our way...well, it was a little more complicated than that.  My "idea" of a couple of fillings, in the dental office, turned into the "reality" of the dentist telling us she had 6-7 cavities, four of which will needed to be crowns.  Then he calmly stated "I feel it will be in her best interest to take her to surgery to complete all of this as it will be easier on her to do it all in an hour and a half verses five to six dental appointments".  For some reason I was in nursing mode during our conversation and it all made sense; the next morning I awoke in total mom mode...this wasn't one of the hundreds of babies I had taken care of that was going to surgery, on a ventilator etc, this was my baby girl!  After phone calls to the office, a few times, prayer and support from family, friends and those who have "been there done that" with their little ones I did realize it made sense to take her to surgery and get everything done at one time. 

 I also reached out to Sienna's mom as she has been there done that with her beautiful Sienna.  The email she sent me was so encouraging and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  We "ran into" Sienna and her family at Lucy's on Shaman Island when we were both in China adopting the girls. I also found out while visiting their blog that Sienna will be having dental surgery today as well...so, if you would like to say a prayer for both of our girls we would greatly appreciate it.

Providing we don't have to stay all night in the hospital, and they have given us a 50/50 on that, I'm thinking we will be taking our sweet baby girl to her favorite authentic Chinese restaurant for dinner tonight where she can have her egg drop soup, pot stickers and rice that she so dearly loves:)


Rebekah said...

I will definitely be keeping Gabriella and you in my prayers today!
Robert will have his teeth fixed next Monday. Our old dentist kept insisting that we needed to go to the OR to get them fixed, but with him having 3 surgeries last year, I just couldn't do it again.
I found a new dentist that does conscious sedations in his office, so we will be trying that on Monday. If it doesn't work, we will have to do the OR, but I am hopeful this will work. His 4 top front teeth are decayed. We will probably discover more cavities because he has never been able to have x-rays on his back teeth, so they will do that when he is sedated. I'm hoping they don't find too many more!
I should have just sent you an email, this ended up so long. :-)
Many hugs to you! Praying Gabriella is able to come home today and eat her favorite chinese food!

Football and Fried Rice said...

oh my! Lifting up your sweet Gabriella (& Sienna too!) that's tough stuff for the littles!

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