Jul 26, 2011

A Princess Birthday...

We are busy planning a very special birthday party and I will give you one guess who the princess party may be for...you are right ~ it is princess Gabriella!  I created and ordered the invitations tonight and will pick the invites up tomorrow!  It looks like they will be mailed from the beach as our entire family is flying to Florida to celebrate as my brother and future sister-in-law will be married on an island! As we are all going in so many different directions it will be wonderful having the family together for a few days, in Florida none the less! Thank you Papa and Grandma:)  Gabriella has been busy packing her Dora suitcase for items she feels are a must for our trip!  I have to say that Curtis and I would both travel all the way around the world with this little princess as she is truly one of the best four year old travelers you have ever met!

**Heather, I have tried to contact you however when I click on your blog link it only shows your profile page; I can't even access your blog:(  Please feel free to email me how I can contact you and I would love to chat!**


Rebekah said...

She is definitely the most beautiful birthday princess!!! I've noticed how long her hair has gotten just recently.
It must be a girl thing with traveling. Brooklyn is such an easy traveler and we would lug her around the world with us in a heartbeat! Robert - not so much. There is such a difference :-)
I hope your family has a wonderful time together. Glad to read that Gabriella did so well with her surgery last week. I know you are thankful to have it over.

Aly said...

Happy birthday Princess Gabriella!
Please tell your mommy that i miss chatting with her! i hope you have a fabulous time down here in Florida!
Blessings always,
Miss Alycia
(Adahlyn's Mama)

Football and Fried Rice said...

What a beautiful princess! Can't wait for the party :-) wish we were going to Florida too!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Gabriella just glows in pink! Have a wonderful trip :)

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