Oct 7, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure!!

Though I only work about eight months out of the year as a nursing professor,

 some of my weeks can be super busy...and this has been one of those

weeks!  Last night on our drive back from being out of town for a couple of

appointments I heard little sniffles from the back seat....I turned around to

see Gabriella crying...it was obvious she had been crying for a little bit as she

had tears running down her little cheeks.  When she first came home from

China we called it "silent tears" as she was trying to be so brave about

something but her emotions would take over...just like anyone. 

When I saw the tears I broke every law known to man and jumped in the back

seat while Curtis continued to drive in an attempt to  comfort Gabriella and

find out what was wrong.  She looked at me and said "I don't want Mommy go

to work tomorrow, I want Mommy to stay with me"...and she then began to

really cry!  This is NOT like her!  I comforted her and was able to get her to

calm down.  Then, I told her that Mommy has to teach in the morning just for

a little while... BUT when I have to go to work tomorrow evening, for a

dedication ceremony for our nursing students she needs to come to work with

mommy....and did her little eyes ever light up!

Once we arrived home she immediately chose the outfit she wants to wear

and is VERY excited to go to work with mommy!  Curtis was going to drive

down with me anyway so she can sit with him during the ceremony and can

then hang with mom during the reception part with our students and

faculty...who will LOVE having the opportunity to meet her. 

I am soooooooo incredibly blessed to be able to serve at a Christian university

that understands the importance of family, adoption and will welcome

Gabriella with open arms! Our university is dedicated to being a world changer

and we are in the beginning stages of possibly partnering with a nursing

school in China and I am beyond excited about the opportunity! Curtis...is a

little nervous that we may be taking a trip over and that it may lead to filling

out a little more paper work in the future...only God knows what great plans

He may have for our family...but for now I'm feeling blessed beyond measure

with my family, serving where I do and enjoying this incredible life that God

has blessed us with!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

You ARE blessed! What a gift your employer is and what a gift your little girl is!! Have a fantastic weekend!

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