Oct 1, 2011

Friday Favorite....Finally Free!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Jordan and Nicholas.  Nicholas thoroughly

enjoys boating, tubing and simply being at the lake!

 For Jordan, I feel it represents that he is finally

 free...free from all the negative things

and bullying that went on at his last school.  Free to be the incredible person

that God made him to be; a

considerate, strong, loving, respectful young man who knows exactly what he

wants to do with his life and is

on track to do just that!  Since moving home Jordan has gained 12 pounds!

 He has reconnected with old friends and has made TONS of new friends at

school, on the basketball 

team, at church and youth activities; he has returned to being the natural

leader that he is.  I'm also proud that

Jordan is utilizing the difficult time he went through to encourage and

help others who

have or may be walking in his shoes; this is part of the healing process and

we couldn't be more proud of him

 for doing this!   I'm proud of him for being truthful, for not participating in

things that he knew he shouldn't

 have, for standing his ground, even when those who should have been setting

a good example, chose not to.

 I've very thankful that we are home, surrounded with friends and family who

are supportive,  know and love

us and we feel the same about them!  While we had an awesome church

where we lived, I can't even begin

to describe how good it feels to return to our home church and our incredible

pastor who is so very gifted in


As usual I'm including a picture of princess in here too!  We were invited to

spend the day with some dear

friends at their lake and it was a day full of laughter, talking and pure R & R!! 

 We had a wonderful time! 

Gabriella enjoyed getting in the hammock with their son, who she refers to as

 the "nice Jake" and  loves it as

he and his family always enjoy loving on her and spoiling her; it's funny, she

has almost everyone we know

wrapped around her little finger..and I believe that's exactly how she likes it:)

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